Honda Ridgeline Dashboard Lights and Meaning

A pickup truck Honda Ridgeline was built by Honda. Till now, Honda produced two pickup trucks: Ridgeline and the other is Honda Acty mini-truck. The Ridgeline is designed with a unibody structure, a transverse-mounted engine, and a crew-cab short-box layout with one powertrain.

The dashboard warning signs on your Honda Ridgeline are a way to inform you what each light signifies and what cautions you should take when the particular warning light appears. The Honda Ridgeline dashboard warning lamps also warn you about mechanical faults or failures that you can handle yourself—introducing yourself with the configuration of the Honda Ridgeline instrument cluster symbols that assist you in driving for your safety.

honda ridgeline airbag system warning light 1
Honda Ridgeline Battery charge warning light
honda Ridgeline bonnet warning light
Honda Ridgeline brake warning light
Honda Ridgeline coolant temperature warning light
Honda Ridgeline handbrake brake system warning light
honda Ridgeline loose fuel filler cap warning light
Honda Ridgeline seat belt reminder warning light
honda ridgeline airbag supplemental restraint system indicator light
honda Ridgeline Abs warning light
Honda Ridgeline engine check malfunction indicator warning light
Honda Ridgeline low fuel warning light
Honda Ridgeline low washer fluid warning light
Honda Ridgeline low tire pressure warning light
Honda Ridgeline steering system warning light
honda ridgeline all wheel drive system(AWD) indicator light
honda ridgeline system message indicator warning light
honda ridgeline blind spot indicator light
honda ridgeline collision mitigating braking system warning light
honda ridgeline immobiliser key warning light
honda ridgeline smart entry system indicator light

Honda Ridgeline Airbag System Warning Light 1

Honda Ridgeline Battery Charge Warning Light

If the Honda Ridgeline battery is not charged, then quickly turn off all electrical items and. Take your truck for assistance shortly.

Honda Ridgeline Bonnet Warning Light

if the Honda Ridgeline bonnet is not shut properly, then this warning sign appears on the instrument cluster.

Honda Ridgeline Brake Warning Light

If Brake fluid is low, then this dashboard warning sign lights up. If a malfunction detects in the brake system, apply the brake slowly to check its pressure. If it is normal, stop your Honda Ridgeline and check the brake fluid level. If brake pressure is hard, take sudden action and send your truck for repair immediately.

Honda Ridgeline Coolant Temperature Warning Light

if the car temperature is too high then keep your Honda Ridgeline aside from the road safely and wait until the temperature cools down.

Honda Ridgeline Handbrake Brake System Warning Light

This dashboard warning sign popped up when you applied the parking brake. To turn off this sign, release the parking brake. You will hear a sound if you don't fully remove your feet from it.

Honda Ridgeline Loose Fuel Filler Cap Warning Light

The malfunction occurs when the fuel cap is missing or loose. If the warning sign flickers continuously, a misfire is detected. Stop your Honda Ridgeline and wait till the temperature goes down.

Honda Ridgeline Seat Belt Reminder Warning Light

If you don't buckle your seat belts properly, then this Honda Ridgeline indicator winks and beeps continuously. If the warning sign stays on after the seat belts are fastened, go to your Honda service provider.

Honda Ridgeline Airbag Supplemental Restraint System Indicator Light

If there's an issue with airbag systems or a seat belt, this dash warning sign appears.

Honda Ridgeline Abs Warning Light

If a fault occurs with the anti-lock brake system, this warning light on the dashboard turns on. But still, your Honda Ridgeline has regular braking but no anti-lock function.

Honda Ridgeline Engine Check Malfunction Indicator Warning Light

If a fault occurs in the emissions control system and the warning sign blinks continuously, a misfire is detected. Stop your Honda Ridgeline and wait till the engine temperature goes down.

Honda Ridgeline Low Fuel Warning Light

If the fuel is too low, refuel it as quickly as possible. If the warning sign again blinks, there's a fault with the fuel gauge. Take your truck for support.

Honda Ridgeline Low Washer Fluid Warning Light

The Washer Level warning sign on the dashboard is designed like a windshield with a wiper. It notifies you when you should refill your wiper fluid.

Honda Ridgeline Low Tire Pressure Warning Light

If this dashboard light goes on while driving, then stop the truck safely, check the pressures of each tire, and inflate the tire if needed.

Honda Ridgeline Steering System Warning Light

There's a difficulty with the steering system, and it's too hard to move the steering. Stop your Honda Ridgeline carefully and restart the engine.

Honda Ridgeline All Wheel Drive System(AWD) Indicator Light

A dashboard light AWD implies a problem with the all-wheel-drive system. If it flickers, it indicates the temperature is too high. In both circumstances, you will stop your Honda Ridgeline and keep the truck in an idle state until the sign fades away.

Honda Ridgeline System Message Indicator Warning Light

When a malfunctioning instrument cluster turns on, a message arises on the multi-information display.

Honda Ridgeline Blind Spot Indicator Light

There is a malfunction with the system, or the Honda Ridgeline sensor is blocked, this blind spot information highlighted.

Honda Ridgeline Collision Mitigating Braking System Warning Light

If a problem is found in the system, the camera temperature is too high, or maybe the sensor is blocked, then this instrument cluster warning light pops up.

Honda Ridgeline Immobiliser Key Warning Light

If the Honda Ridgeline can't acknowledge the key or remote transmitter, then you are not applicable to begin the engine. Switch off your truck and restart it again. If it again blinks, then maybe an issue with the system.

Honda Ridgeline Smart Entry System Indicator Light

If a problem with the smart entry system, then this alerting sign turns on.