Skoda Superb Dashboard Lights And Meaning

Skoda has released a new Superb in two engine options that include 1.8-liter TSI gasoline and 2.0-liter TDI CR diesel units. The gasoline engine is available in two tuning states, although the power offered is the same at 177.5 hp, but the torque generated varies from 320 Nm to 241 Nm.

Czech automaker Skoda has been making the Superb since 2001 and continues production with the third generation (Mk 3). Here we cover the Skoda Superb dashboard warning lights with the meaning of each symbol and what to do according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. The instrument display layout of the instrument cluster and the location of the warning lights vary depending on the model version of your Skoda Superb. Each symbol is fully explained, and in most cases, there are the manufacturers recommended action to take when a warning light comes on.

Dashboard layouts may vary depending on your version and the Skoda Superb creation date, but the dashboard warning lights have the same meaning. After turning on the ignition, some warning lights illuminate briefly as a function test. If the tested systems are passed, after a few seconds or when starting the engine, the warning lights go out.