Hyundai Elantra Dashboard Lights And Meaning

The Hyundai Elantra as being a compact car manufacture under Hyundai since 1990. Its marketing begins in European and Australian markets.

This high tech design model optimises with advanced technologies which offer maximum stability and fuel economy to the car along with smart sunroof with touch operation system. It can carry load/luggage with the help of intelligent key in ease. The other various features include auto start-stop facility, ABS, electronic power steering system, washer fluid and many more.

Such technologies come the chances of problematic failure in such systems. That’s why Hyundai Elantra Dashboard displays Green, Red, Blue and Yellow warning lights which will inform you about any malfunction, security/ maintenance and activation of any utility system.

This guide will assist you to know the exact meaning of these Dashboard lights along with the procedure that you should follow in such conditions. You can also prefer on our website about the other model of Hyundai which includes Hyundai Sonata and Hyundai Venue.