Hyundai Accent Dashboard Lights And Meaning

A dynamic style subcompact sedan or hatchback has cutting-edge features, manufactured by Hyundai. It has 120-horsepower inline-4 capacities and is paired with a CVT and a 6-speed manual. The front and rear beam suspension are fitted with electric power steering, front disc brakes, and 15 or 17-inch tires.

All dashboard warning signs are checked after switching on the engine and ensuring that all warning symbols on the dash are turned off. If any sign remains on, this illustrates a circumstance that requires awareness. Don't continuously stare at the sign while driving. It will confuse you and result in an accident and maybe a serious injury.

hyundai accent airbag system warning light
hyundai accent seat belt reminder warning light
hyundai accent engine oil pressure light
hyundai accent low brake brake fluid warning light
hyundai accent battery charge warning light
hyundai accent liftgate open warning light
hyundai accent door open warning light
hyundai accent brake warning light
hyundai accent engine coolant temperature warning light
hyundai accent loose fuel filler cap warning light
hyundai accent EBD warning light
hyundai accent ABS warning light
hyundai accent low fuel warning light
hyundai accent transaxle shift indicator warning light
hyundai accent low tire pressure warning light
hyundai accent malfunction warning light
hyundai accent steering system warning light
hyundai accent eco mode warning light
hyundai accent turn signal indicator light
hyundai accent park headlight on indicator light
hyundai accent front fog indicator light
hyundai accent cruise control warning light
hyundai accent high beam indicator warning light

Hyundai Accent Airbag System Warning Light

This airbag warning sign will brighten for nearly 6 seconds every time you switch the ignition to the ON position. This symbol also appears when SRS is not functioning appropriately. If the airbag warning sign continuously remains on after when you turn on the engine, then examined your Hyundai Accent by an authorized Hyundai service provider

Hyundai Accent Seat Belt Reminder Warning Light

The driver's seat belt warning reminder and a beep will switch when the engine starts, reminding the driver that he doesn't fasten the seat belt properly. If the driver buckles the seat belt properly, the warning sign will go off within 6 seconds, and a chime will stop beeping instantly.

Hyundai Accent Engine Oil Pressure Light

This dashboard warning sign implies the engine oil pressure is very low. If the warning sign always brightens while driving, push your Hyundai Accent safely from the road, turn off the engine, and then check the engine oil level. If the oil level is low, add oil as needed. If the dash warning sign stays on after putting oil, then there's some issue with the engine and take your HYUNDAI for servicing.

Hyundai Accent Low Brake Brake Fluid Warning Light

If the dash warning light stays on, it may signify that the brake fluid level is too low. Check the status of brake fluid shortly and put sufficient fluid. If any leaks are found, don't drive your Hyundai Accent; tow your car to any Hyundai service provider for checking a brake system.

Hyundai Accent Battery Charge Warning Light

This instrument panel warning sign implies a malfunction of the generator belt or electrical charging system.

Hyundai Accent Liftgate Open Warning Light

This dash warning sign goes on when the trunk lid or tailgate is not shut securely.

Hyundai Accent Door Open Warning Light

This warning indicator brightens when your Hyundai Accent door is open or not shut properly.

Hyundai Accent Brake Warning Light

This dashboard symbol is brightened when the parking brake is pressed and the ignition in the START or ON level. The warning sign on the instrument cluster should turn off when the driver released the parking brake.

Hyundai Accent Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Light

The warning sign on the dash highlights if the temperature of the engine coolant is high. Stop driving immediately with an overheated engine because overheating may harm the engine.

Hyundai Accent Loose Fuel Filler Cap Warning Light

This device panel warning light implies the fuel filler cap is not tightly latched. To avoid this sign, always wrapped up the fuel filler cap appropriately.

Hyundai Accent EBD Warning Light

If the two warning signs brighten simultaneously while driving, your car may fault with the ABS and EBD system. In this situation, your ABS and regular brake system may not function commonly. Pullover your car aside and take it to Hyundai Accent service center for assistance. Avoid high-speed driving and sudden braking, then take your vehicle to the HYUNDAI dealer as shortly as possible.

Hyundai Accent ABS Warning Light

This cluster sign brightens if the ignition is turned ON and gets off almost 3 seconds if the system is usually regulated. If the ABS dash sign stays on or doesn't go on, this means that a malfunction with the ABS. Take your car to the Hyundai Accent as shortly as possible. But the braking system will be functioning without the aid of the anti-lock brake system. Suppose the ABS warning light turns on while driving, park your car and switch off the engine. Schedule an appointment with the authorized HYUNDAI service center immediately.

Hyundai Accent Low Fuel Warning Light

This warning sign in the dash signifies the fuel tank is almost vacant. When it gets on, you should add fuel immediately. If you are still driving with the fuel level warning sign on or with a low fuel level, it can affect the engine and damage the catalytic converter.

Hyundai Accent Transaxle Shift Indicator Warning Light

The warning sign lights up on the dashboard when an automatic transaxle shift is assigned and notifies you which gear is needed for driving to preserve fuel.

Hyundai Accent Low Tire Pressure Warning Light

The low tire pressure warning sign on the device panel lights up when one or more of your tires is quite underinflated. So Inflate your car's tires with the appropriate pressure. But when it winks for more than one minute, there is a fault in the Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

Hyundai Accent Malfunction Warning Light

This dashboard light monitors several emission control factors. If this symbol fills with light while driving, it reveals that a malfunction has occurred in the emission control system. Take your Accent to your nearest Hyundai service provider and check the system properly.

Hyundai Accent Steering System Warning Light

This dash warning light goes on after the key is moved to the ON status, and then it will turn off. This sign also shows up when the EPS wants service if it lights up while driving, check your car from the Hyundai service provider for assistance.

Hyundai Accent Eco Mode Warning Light

When the active ECO is functioning, the ECO warning sign turns on.

Hyundai Accent Turn Signal Indicator Light

The flickering indicator on the instrument panel represents the left or right direction. If the symbol comes on but doesn't flash or maybe more fast than usual, or doesn't brighten at all, it indicates a failure in the turn signal system. You should consult your Hyundai Accent for repair.

Hyundai Accent Park Headlight On Indicator Light

This warning sign on the instrument panel brightens when the tail lights are started.

Hyundai Accent Front Fog Indicator Light

This indicator light on the cluster appears when the front fog lights are turned ON.

Hyundai Accent Cruise Control Warning Light

The Hyundai Accent warning light brightens when the cruise control system is activated. The cruise sign in the instrument cluster is filled with light when the cruise ON-OFF button on the steering is pressed, and it deactivates when the cruise control ON-OFF button is lifted again.

Hyundai Accent High Beam Indicator Warning Light

This Hyundai Accent warning sign comes on when the headlights high beam are switched on or when the turn indications lever is pulled into the Flash-to-Pass position.