Hyundai Creta Dashboard Warning Lights and Meaning

A subcompact SUV Hyundai Creta, also recognized as Hyundai ix25, manufactured by the South Korean automaker Hyundai especially for originating the BRICS. Hyundai Creta arrives with three BS6-compliant engine choices- 1.5-liter petrol, 1.5-liter diesel, and 1.4-liter turbo-petrol. Hyundai Creta has a sporty layout, emphasizing a sloping roofline, robust bonnet, LED headlamp, and a remodeled bumper. 

If the dashboard warning light fills with light that needs sudden awareness, the driver feels the distress of a car malfunction or high-priced repair. The most urgent device cluster warning signs will brighten in red, warning you that your Hyundai Creta is in demand of some attention from an Authorized Hyundai service center. If the dashboard flash that sparkles in amber or green light may indicate that a system is on, it doesn’t need timely attention. Take a glimpse below at some of Hyundai Creta's most common dashboard warning signs and what your Hyundai dashboard might be advising you.

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hyundai creta brake warning light
hyundai creta door open warning light
hyundai creta engine oil pressure light
hyundai creta electronic brake system warning light
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hyundai creta master warning light
hyundai creta high beam indicator warning light

Hyundai Creta Battery Charge Warning Light

If the charging system dashboard warning sign is on after the engine starts, it implies your car’s charging battery is not charged ultimately.

Hyundai Creta Brake Warning Light

If this device cluster sign glows up for more than 6 seconds, either you applied your Creta's parking brake, or maybe your car's brake fluid is low.

Hyundai Creta Door Open Warning Light

The door ajar dash warning light is flickered when one of your Hyundai's doors is not securely closed.

Hyundai Creta Engine Oil Pressure Light

This dashboard warning sign alerts that your car's engine oil pressure is low. Keep your Hyundai Creta aside to a safe area and turn off your vehicle. And check oil levels and put oil as required.

Hyundai Creta Electronic Brake System Warning Light

Suppose both the anti-lock braking system dash warning light and the parking brake or maybe brake fluid warning signs are brightened at the concurrent time, your Hyundai Creta braking system has some fault and will not work appropriately. At that time, take your car to your nearby Hyundai Creta service provider as quickly as possible.

Hyundai Creta Liftgate Open Warning Light

This dashboard warning sign is turned on when the trunk of your car is not shut correctly.

Hyundai Creta Seat Belt Reminder Warning Light

This tell-tale flash goes on to warn you that someone does not fasten their seat belt.

Hyundai Creta Srs Airbag Warning Light

This dashboard light will stay on whenever you start your Hyundai Creta. If it does not switch off after nearly 6 seconds, call upon your local Hyundai Creta service center for support.

Hyundai Creta Service Lane Warning Light

If the dashboard warning sign shows yellow light, it means this system has some issue, and you should meet your Hyundai Creta service provider for aid.

Hyundai Creta ABS Warning Light

If this Hyundai Creta dashboard warning sign is shone for longer than 6 seconds, there is a malfunction with your vehicle's anti-lock brake system. Visit your Hyundai service provider for assistance.

Hyundai Creta Electronic Stability Control Active Warning Light

If this dash warning light is twinkling, that indicates the ESC system is in usage. If this light is not flickering, that implies a fault with the ESC system, and then visit your Hyundai service provider.

Hyundai Creta Electronic Stability Control Off Warning Light

This dash warning signifies that your ESC system has not been triggered.

Hyundai Creta Engine Malfunction Warning Light

If this dash warning symbol stays on after the engine has begun, there may be a fault in the emission control system. Take your car to your Hyundai service provider Immediately.

Hyundai Creta Low Fuel Warning Light

The low fuel dashboard light gives a sign that your car is out of fuel. Go ahead to the closest fuel station as shortly as possible.

Hyundai Creta Tire Pressure Monitor System Warning Light

This dash instructing light will switch on if one or more of Hyundai tires have low or no pressure. Give the pressure to your car tires, if needed.

Hyundai Creta Electronic Braking System Warning Light

This device panel warning light is brightened when your Automatic Emergency Braking system is not operating due to deactivation or maybe some system fault.

Hyundai Creta Steering System Warning Light

If this device panel lamp is brightened after the engine has activated, there may be an issue with your car's electric power steering system. Call your Hyundai service center for help.

Hyundai Creta Sport Mode Warning Light

This dash indicator sign implies that the driving mode is currently SPORT mode, and it's in use.

Hyundai Creta Cruise Control Warning Light

This warning sign signals that you have set your Hyundai cruise control speed.

Hyundai Creta Dipped Head Lights Warning Light

This indicator light signals that your headlights and your taillights are currently in use.

Hyundai Creta Front Fog Indicator Light

This panel warning sign indicates a fault in the adaptive front lighting system. Pullover your car in a safe location and shut off its engine. If the signal is still on after turning on your vehicle again, visit your Hyundai service provider.

Hyundai Creta Turn Signal Indicator Light

This indicator tells the use of your car's direction signals. If this light does not on or flicker while applying your turn signals, there has been a fault. Take the help from your Hyundai Creta service provider.

Hyundai Creta Immobliser Warning Light

If this dashboard sign is om, your Hyundai car has observed the immobilizer in your vehicle key. If this light is flashing, there is a defect with the immobilizer system, and your vehicle cannot detect a smart key and will not turn on, and you should go to your Hyundai Creta service center.

Hyundai Creta Auto Hold Warning Light

When this warning indicator is shown as white or green, that shows the system is now on. If this dash light is displayed as red, there is a system fault, and you should call your regional Hyundai customer support.

Hyundai Creta Eco Mode Warning Light

This warning light tells that ECO Mode is presently in use.

Hyundai Creta Master Warning Light

The LCD in your Hyundai Creta should notice the reason for the device cluster warning sign. Maybe there's a malfunction with your low washer, Smart cruise control.

Hyundai Creta High Beam Indicator Warning Light

This dash indicator light signifies that your Creta high beams are presently in use.