Honda CR-V Dashboard Lights And Meaning

A small luxury SUV Honda CR-V produced by Japanese automobile Honda and CR-V stands for "Comfortable Runabout Vehicle." It has the features of unbelievable storage space and functionality, lots of details, provides a prosperous ride, and an incredible accomplishment. 

Observing dashboard warning lights in the Honda CR-V is common, but do you know what those dashboard symbols indicate? Let's check this manual guide to understand the objective of these lights. In this Honda CR-V dashboard light manual, we'll instruct you about what the dashboard signs in your CR-V imply and what you want to do if they turn on while driving.

honda cR v battery charge warning light
honda cR v handbrake brake system warning light
honda cR v seat belt reminder warning light
honda cR v door open warning light
honda cR v engine oil pressure light
honda cR v brake warning light
honda cR v maintainence warning light
honda cR v low fuel warning light
honda cR v aBS warning light
honda cR v electronic stability control active warning light
honda CR V low tire pressure warning light
honda cR v engine functions warning light
honda cR v steering system warning light
honda cR v aWD warning light
honda cR v engine check malfunction indicator warning light
honda cR v turn signal indicator light
honda cR v immobliser warning light

Honda CR V Battery Charge Warning Light

A telltale resembles the Charging System malfunction indicator and warns you that your car battery isn't charging.

Honda CR V Handbrake Brake System Warning Light

If your parking brake dash sign is on, it indicates there could be a fault in the parking brake. When you don't put the parking brake, this light should disappear.

Honda CR V Seat Belt Reminder Warning Light

This dashboard reminder will advise you to fasten the seatbelts. To turn off this sign, fasten your seat belts as soon as possible.

Honda CR V Door Open Warning Light

If any of your doors aren't completely close, this dash warning sign will come on with a beep while driving. This indicator will turn off once when you closed all the doors of your CR-V.

Honda CR V Engine Oil Pressure Light

This Honda CR-V dashboard warning light comes on, and it indicates there's not sufficient oil in your engine.

Honda CR V Brake Warning Light

If you notice BRAKE in your dashboard, it commonly indicates there's no brake fluid in your Honda CR-V and a malfunction in the brake system.

Honda CR V Maintainence Warning Light

if the Maintenance Minder dashboard indicator light goes on, you don't take your CR-V for standard servicing. It will fade away after the significant maintenance is served.

Honda CR V Low Fuel Warning Light

A device panel warning light goes on when there's not ample fuel in the vehicle. Refill your tank to turn off this sign flash.

Honda CR V ABS Warning Light

This warning symbol ABS will turn on when you start the engine. If it goes on any time or if it keeps on, there's a problem with your car's anti-lock brake system.

Honda CR V Electronic Stability Control Active Warning Light

If this warning sign is on and will flicker, when it's triggered. If it keeps on often, get your CR-V to service as there may be a fault with your VSA system.

Honda CR V Low Tire Pressure Warning Light

This Honda CR-V device cluster light stays on, which means one or more of your CR-V tires is underinflated. The flash will turn off when the tires are filled with enough air pressure.

Honda CR V Engine Functions Warning Light

This dashboard warning symbol will glow while driving when any fault with your transmission. To prevent rapid pace or loss of control, stop the car quickly, and call your Honda service provider.

Honda CR V Steering System Warning Light

An instrument cluster sign indicates when you activate the engine. If this light goes on or doesn't turn on, there's a problem with your power steering that could cause an issue when whirling your Honda.

Honda CR V AWD Warning Light

If your dashboard turns on with an AWD sign in yellow, there's a failure in the All-Wheel Drive system. When it flickers, it signifies the system is overheating or inactive.

Honda CR V Engine Check Malfunction Indicator Warning Light

Check Engine light Honda CR-V dashboard warning sign appears when there's an issue with the emissions control system.

Honda CR V Turn Signal Indicator Light

This telltale indicates that your car's turning and hazard light system, when you switch on, this direction signal will blink. Nonetheless, if they're not flickering appropriately, it's time to alter your CR-V light bulb.

Honda CR V Immobliser Warning Light

If this dash warning symbol is flickering, that means your car might not acknowledge your key. If you're incapable of beginning your CR-V, then shift the ignition to lock, pull out your key, put it again, and switch it on. If it is winking again, get your CR-V into a Honda service provider for assistance.