Honda Fit Dashboard Lights And Meaning

The Honda Fit is the perfect blend of aerodynamic efficiency and modern sport styling. A small car with a significant impact. Honda Fit offers comfortable seating with 52 cubic feet of cargo capacity.

The Audio touch-screen display enables you to connect your smartphone and enjoy your streaming audio channels. Honda Fit has a very attractive dashboard that enables you to monitor your vehicle with ease.

Different dashboard light represents different malfunctions or systems, which helps you to understand your car's condition, and act accordingly. 

However, a dashboard light that is unknown to you can create panic, so here is the guide in which you can learn the meanings of the dashboard lights.

If a red light appears on your Honda Fit dashboard, it means that you should take action immediately because these lights represent something hazardous. Yellow and Amber lights represent that a service is due.

honda fit seat belt reminder warning light
honda fit brake warning light
honda fit engine coolant temperature warning light
honda fit engine oil pressure light
honda fit battery charge warning light
honda fit door open warning light
honda fit ABS warning light
honda fit electric power steering fault warning light
honda fit electronic stability control active warning light
honda fit electronic stability control off warning light
honda fit engine check malfunction indicator warning light
honda fit tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) warning light
honda fit low fuel warning light
honda fit lane departure warning
honda fit low washer fluid warning light
honda fit adaptive cruise control light
honda fit turn signal indicator light
honda fit front fog indicator light
honda fit service stop start system warning light
honda fit high beam indicator light

Honda Fit Seat Belt Reminder Warning Light

You will also experience a beeper, and it will go off only when you and the passenger fasten their seatbelts. If it doesn't go off after fastening, it means a malfunction in the sensor; have it checked.

Honda Fit Brake Warning Light

You might see a different symbol based on the country you are from. The other one will look like an exclamation mark in a circle. If this comes on while driving, check if you have released the parking brake properly. If you cannot spot any problem with the parking brake, check the brake fluid. If the brake warning and the ABS light come on together, head to the service center.

Honda Fit Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Light

Immediately stop your car and stop at a safe place to allow the engine to cool. This light means high temperature. This light will turn blue when the temperature lowers but if the blue light doesn't go off, take your vehicle for inspection.

Honda Fit Engine Oil Pressure Light

Immediately stop your Honda Fit in a safe place. It means that the oil pressure is low in the engine. Add the oil in engine if you are able to or take your Honda Fit to the service center.

Honda Fit Battery Charge Warning Light

Turn off the engine of your Honda Fit if this red warning light appears while driving. Turn off the cooling and heating system. Take your vehicle to the dealer immediately.

Honda Fit Door Open Warning Light

It turns on when any door or tailgate is open. If the door is opened while driving, you will hear beeping. Stop the car and close the door; the light will go off when this is done.

Honda Fit ABS Warning Light

A malfunction in your Honda Fit's ABS triggers this light. You are advised to take your car to the dealer for inspection.

Honda Fit Electric Power Steering Fault Warning Light

This warning Indicator lamp turns on when you start the engine. If it appears while driving, it means a problem in the electric power steering. Take your Honda Fit to the service center.

Honda Fit Electronic Stability Control Active Warning Light

For a few seconds, this light comes on when you turn on the Vehicle Stability Assist and blinks when it is active. If it is constantly on, there is a problem with the VSA, take your Honda Fit to the dealer as soon as possible.

Honda Fit Electronic Stability Control Off Warning Light

You will see this light on the dashboard when the Vehicle Stability Assist is off. You can turn it on, and the light will disappear.

Honda Fit Engine Check Malfunction Indicator Warning Light

This warning symbol Indicates a malfunction in the engine. Stop at a place where there are no inflammable objects as the engine might be emitting fumes. Give your vehicle a 10 minutes’ rest, and then take it to the service center.

Honda Fit Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Warning Light

Pullover at a safe spot as soon as possible and check the tire pressures. One or more tires are underinflated. Add the pressure if necessary.

Honda Fit Low Fuel Warning Light

When it blinks, don't worry, it means that the fuel is low in the fuel tank; stop at the filling station and refill it. But if the light blinks, have your Honda Fit checked by the dealer.

Honda Fit Lane Departure Warning

You might also see a car crossing a lane in your model. This light comes on when you cross without signaling. If it stays on, it means a malfunction in the LKAS. It may also come on if anything covers the radar sensor and prevent it from detecting vehicle and lane. Get it checked.

Honda Fit Low Washer Fluid Warning Light

Refill the washer fluid as this light comes on when the washer fluid is low.

Honda Fit Adaptive Cruise Control Light

You might see "ACC" written instead of this symbol. You will see this light on your dashboard when the Active Cruise Control is active.

Honda Fit Turn Signal Indicator Light

These are direction Indicators, and they light up when you use a direction Indicator. If you spot this light blinking rapidly or not blinking at all, it means a bulb has blown. Change the bulb as soon as possible.

Honda Fit Front Fog Indicator Light

The Fog Light Indicator comes on when the fog lights are on.

Honda Fit Service Stop Start System Warning Light

When the engine is switched off automatically due to inactivity, this light comes on. It happens mostly during traffic jams or traffic lights. Switch on the engine or release the brake pedal to start automatically.

Honda Fit High Beam Indicator Light

This blue light comes on the dashboard when high beam headlights are on.