Honda Passport Dashboard Lights And Meaning

Honda Passport 2022 comes with the EX-L, TrailSport, and Elite trim levels. Models have 280-horsepower V6 engines and independent suspension and technology for managing traction and torque vectoring all around the vehicle. The Passport TrailSport is purpose-built and ready to take on any terrain. In addition, Roof rails may be used to secure your load accessories, and the TrailSport design on the trim is a bonus.

The Elite model’s sound system, seats, and wheels are all upgraded at the top of the range. Several safety systems are included as standard in every 2022 Passport, including a Road Departure Mitigation System and a Lane Keeping Assist System. These are a few of the more desirable options:

Charge your phone with the included wireless charger. Moreover, Additional warning indicators, such as Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow, are displayed on the Honda Passport dashboard to alert you to any issues that may have been detected by any of the Passport’s many utility program parts. We’ve put up this dashboard tutorial for the Honda Passport, which explains exactly what those indicators indicate. The following warning lights handbook can also be used, as can other Honda vehicles, such as the Honda Passport…..