Audi A6 Dashboard Lights And Meaning

The Audi A6 is an executive car; it is available in two configurations: Audi A6 Sedan and Audi A6 Avant. The successor of Audi 100 has a lot of unique features, both petrol and diesel versions are also available. Audi A6 is a beauty on the outside with a powerful engine on the inside.

Anyone would love to enjoy the luxury of this car, but it can also easily give you a panic attack if you are not aware of what the lights on the dashboard mean.

Sometimes these symbols could be warning about something hazardous, or sometimes it could be just and an indication that the lamp is on. However, you should know the meaning of these warning symbols and are advised to follow them strictly.

Red Warning Lights mean that the problem is serious and can damage your car if not taken care of. Yellow symbols represent warnings that you can deal with after a little time. Green and white symbols or not about anything hazardous. Check out the guide below to find out what the dashboard symbols mean.

Audi A6 seat belt remider warning light
Audi A6 air bag warning light
Audi A6 brake warning light
Audi A6 transmission temperature warning light
Audi A6 engine oil pressure light
Audi A6 engine coolant level warning light
Audi A6 hood open warning light
audi a6 door open warning light
audi a6 electric parking brake
audi a6 battery charge warning light
audi a6 electronic throttle control warning light
audi a6 vehicle security warning light
audi a6 low fuel warning light
audi a6 tire pressure monitoring system(tpms) warning light
audi a6 abs warning light
audi a6 suspension system warning light
audi a6 loose fuel filler cap warning light
audi a6 particulate filter malfunction light
audi a6 lane depature warning
audi a6 gearbox clutch warning light
audi a6 engine check malfunction indicator warning light
audi a6 electronic stability control off warning light
audi a6 electronic stability control active warning light
audi a6 electric power steering fault warning light
audi a6 service stop start system warning light
audi a6 front fog indicator light
audi a6 turn signal indicator light
audi a6 park headlight on indicator light
audi a6 high beam indicator light

Audi A6 Seat Belt Remider Warning Light

This light comes on when the seat belt of the driving seat and passenger seat is not fastened. It could also activate if there is a heavy object on the front passenger seat.

Audi A6 Air Bag Warning Light

Airbag system warning light means that there is a fault in the Airbag System. It would be best if you got the vehicle checked as soon as possible at the service center.

Audi A6 Brake Warning Light

This light means that there is a problem with the brake system. You should check the message in the instrument cluster to see further instructions. You are advised to drive carefully to the Audi dealer for assistance.

Audi A6 Transmission Temperature Warning Light

Carefully stop the car. This light indicates that the temperature is more than usual. Carefully check the coolant level, fan operator, and contact your Audi dealer for assistance.

Audi A6 Engine Oil Pressure Light

This indicates that the engine's oil pressure is too low; stop the engine, and do not drive. Contact your Audi dealer to get the problem corrected; only continue driving once the light is off.

Audi A6 Engine Coolant Level Warning Light

If this light comes on, switch off the engine and check the coolant level. You can add the coolant if it is too low or run the engine at idle; you should do it only for a few minutes to cool it down. Do not drive until the light turns off.

Audi A6 Hood Open Warning Light

This light Indicates that the bonnet is not closed correctly. You are advised to stop the vehicle and close it properly.

Audi A6 Door Open Warning Light

Door ajar light illuminates to warn you that one or more doors of the car are not closed properly. Carefully stop the vehicle and close the door or doors properly.

Audi A6 Electric Parking Brake

You will see this light when the parking brake is applied. However, if this light turns on while driving and when you are not applying the parking brake, it means there is a problem. The parking brake system should get checked by your Audi dealer.

Audi A6 Battery Charge Warning Light

Most importantly, stop the vehicle because it can damage your vehicle. It indicates a problem with the battery or alternatively. There can also be some other problems with the system. Take your car to the Audi dealer and get it checked.

Audi A6 Electronic Throttle Control Warning Light

The Electronic throttle control warning light turns on when there is a malfunction in the system. You should get it checked immediately.

Audi A6 Vehicle Security Warning Light

The vehicle security warning light turns on while driving; it means that the security system is disabled or failed. The theft-deterrent system will not work correctly unless you get this problem corrected.

Audi A6 Low Fuel Warning Light

It reminds you to refuel the tank. This light comes on when there are almost 2.6 gallons of fuel in the tank. You are advised to fill the tank; if the light doesn't go away after the tank is filled, get it checked.

Audi A6 Tire Pressure Monitoring System(tpms) Warning Light

When there is a loss of pressure in at least one tire, this light comes on! Get it replaced or repaired immediately, or it will affect the performance of the vehicle.

Audi A6 Abs Warning Light

This light illuminates when ABS is not working correctly. This will also lead to a malfunction in ECS. Drive carefully to get it checked.

Audi A6 Suspension System Warning Light

This light means that there is a fault in the suspension system, resulting in restricted driving stability. It is highly advised for you to go to your dealer for assistance.

Audi A6 Loose Fuel Filler Cap Warning Light

To put it simply, it means that there is a leak in the tank. There is a high possibility that it's because of the loose fuel cap. Pullover safely and check the cap. The light will turn off after some time.

Audi A6 Particulate Filter Malfunction Light

Your vehicle's particulate filter needs cleaning or replacement. You have to follow specific steps to use the self-cleaning function. You need to drive for 15 minutes but, most importantly, maintain a speed over 27 mph. Select the lever (gear shift) in "S." Maintain the engine speed around 2,000 RPM. Hopefully, the light will turn off after this process; if it doesn't, drive to your Audi dealer.

Audi A6 Lane Depature Warning

The lane assist system has detected that the vehicle is moving out of its lane without signaling. Stay in your lane and drive safely.

Audi A6 Gearbox Clutch Warning Light

A gearbox malfunction is the reason why this light turns on. Take your vehicle for service as soon as possible.

Audi A6 Engine Check Malfunction Indicator Warning Light

You advised contacting your Audi supervisor immediately as your vehicle needs service. Some malfunctions have been detected that need to be investigated quickly.

Audi A6 Electronic Stability Control Off Warning Light

As you can clearly see, it says off. This means that the Electronic Stability Control is off. If you wish to turn it on, press the ESC button.

Audi A6 Electronic Stability Control Active Warning Light

When this light is blinking, it indicates that the ESC is active. If it is continuously on, then it means that the system switched off the ESC. Restart your vehicle to turn it on.

Audi A6 Electric Power Steering Fault Warning Light

Steering will become more difficult to turn or more sensitive than usual. There is a possibility that it is at an angle while driving straight. Carefully go to your Audi dealer and get the problem corrected.

Audi A6 Service Stop Start System Warning Light

Stop/Start System light indicates that the engine is off. If you want to turn it on, then take your foot off the brake pedal.

Audi A6 Front Fog Indicator Light

The green light comes on when the front fog lights are turned on.

Audi A6 Turn Signal Indicator Light

When you activate one of the turn signals, this light indicates that it is active.

Audi A6 Park Headlight On Indicator Light

This light simply means that the headlights are on and working. You can turn the lights off if not needed.

Audi A6 High Beam Indicator Light

This light illuminates when the high beams are turned on. If this light is on, but the beams are not working, it means that there is a malfunction. It would be best for you to get it checked as soon as possible.