Audi A6 Dashboard Lights And Meaning

The Audi A6 is an executive car; it is available in two configurations: Audi A6 Sedan and Audi A6 Avant. The successor of Audi 100 has a lot of unique features, both petrol and diesel versions are also available. Audi A6 is a beauty on the outside with a powerful engine on the inside.

Anyone would love to enjoy the luxury of this car, but it can also easily give you a panic attack if you are not aware of what the lights on the dashboard mean.

Sometimes these symbols could be warning about something hazardous, or sometimes it could be just and an indication that the lamp is on. However, you should know the meaning of these warning symbols and are advised to follow them strictly.

Red Warning Lights mean that the problem is serious and can damage your car if not taken care of. Yellow symbols represent warnings that you can deal with after a little time. Green and white symbols or not about anything hazardous. Check out the guide below to find out what the dashboard symbols mean.