Chrysler Pasifica Dashboard Lights And Meaning

Chrysler Pasifica Dashboard Lights and Meanings

Chrysler Pacifica is an excellent minivan. The Pacifica has car-like handling, a peppy V6 engine, and exceptional safety scores. Its interior is very well decorated and spacious, with space for up to eight people.
You might be unfamiliar with some of the Chrysler Pacifica model's dashboard lights. Have no fear: We have Chrysler dashboard warning light guide book, which covers some of the essential notifications.
If a warning Symbol light on the dashboard of your Chrysler Pacifica when you drive if you're not sure what it means, it is suggested that you drive off the road safely for more information. It is of particular importance if the warning light is red. Red warning lights are critical and can often lead to vehicle damage or a safety hazard to vehicle occupants if left untreated.

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Instead of looking in the owner's manual to find the source of the notification you're seeing, why not have a quick reference guide on hand so you can refer to it at a glance? Check this Chrysler Pacifica Dashboard Symbol Guide every time you see a gauge and learn where to go if you need the issue fixed.

Car Dashboard lights and meaning
Chrysler dashboard lights and meaning
Chrysler Pasifica Seat belt reminder

Seat Belt Reminder in Chrysler Pasifica

This sign means that someone in the driver's or front passenger's seat is not wearing a seat belt. For this light to go out, you must wear your seat belt.

Chrysler Pasifica Airbag system

Airbag System in Chrysler Pasifica

If this light should remain on, it means that the system has detected a malfunction. You can still drive your Chrysler, but know that in the event of an accident, your airbags may not deploy or deploy incorrectly. Because of this, we recommend that you make an appointment with the dealer as soon as possible.

Chrysler Pasifica Hand break, Break system

Hand Break or Break System in Chrysler Pasifica

Another warning light that you've probably already seen as it illuminates every time you apply the parking brake. However, if the light is on and you have confirmed that your parking brake is off, it could indicate that there is a problem with your vehicle's brake system. You can continue to drive your vehicle, but the brakes are a critical safety feature of your car, so we recommend bringing it to Renfrew Chrysler as soon as possible.

Chrysler Pasifica ABS or Anti lock break system

Anti-Lock Break System, ABS in Chrysler Pasifica

If this light blink, it is serious, you must inspect the vehicle immediately. If the cause of the following warnings is not investigated, the system may function abnormally and possibly cause an accident. Have the car inspected by the dealer before driving anywhere else. It indicates a malfunction in ABS or the brake assist system.

Chrysler Pasifica Dynamic stability control or DSC

Dynamic stability control or DSC in Chrysler Pasifica

This warning light is connected with your vehicle's traction control system. If this light blinks, it means the system is working to reduce wheel slip. If the light is solid, it means that the system has been deactivated. If you have not manually disabled this security system, it could mean that there is a failure. The vehicle can still be driven, but we recommend that Chrysler service technicians investigate the cause as soon as possible.

Chrysler Pasifica Runflat indicator RPA

Runflat indicator RPA of Chrysler Pasifica

Most new Chrysler vehicles contain a TPS system that continuously monitors tire pressure. If this warning light appears, it means that one or more of your tires are under pressure. Check your tire pressure and re-inflate your tires to the proper PSI; Then, contact Chrysler service center to have your tires inspected as there may be a puncture.

Chrysler Pasifica Steering system

Steering System of Chrysler Pasifica

This warning light is connected with your car's power steering. If this light blinks, it a malfunction in the EPS system. If this is not fixed, it may cause an accident. Inspect your Chrysler from service center immediately

Chrysler Pasifica Engine functions

Engine Functions of Chrysler Pasifica

If the light appears and stays on, it means there could be a minor malfunction. It is still safe to drive your vehicle, but you should make an appointment as soon as possible for a professional Chrysler technician to inspect it.
If this warning light appears and starts flashing, stop driving your vehicle immediately. It means that the self-diagnosis system has currently detected a malfunction in your engine, and continuing to drive can cause serious damage.

Chrysler Pasifica Particualte filter

Turn Indicator of Chrysler Pasifica

This sign shows you that the turn signal is on. Occasionally, the indicator blinks faster than usual. In this case, check that a bulb in the front or rear turn signals has not gone out.

Chrysler Pasifica Particualte filter

Side Lights, Low-Beam Head Lights of Chrysler Pasifica

This dashboard warning light informs the driver that the exterior lights/sidelights/parking lights/headlights are switched on.

Chrysler Pasifica Front Fog Lights

Front Fog Lights of Chrysler Pasifica

This sign indicates that the fog lights are on. Fog lights are low mount lights designed for pavement directly in front of the vehicle. These lights are created to shine "under" the fog rather than into it and are less likely to reflect light rays in the driver's eyes.

Chrysler Pasifica Cruise control

Cruise Control of Chrysler Pasifica

This light indicates that the cruise control system of your car is ready or already in use. Use your vehicle's control to adjust your speed, resume, or turn off your cruise control. If the cruise control or any of its associated controls do not function as designed, contact nearby Chrysler dealer to schedule a service appointment.

Chrysler Pasifica High-Beam Headlights

High-Beam Headlights of Chrysler Pasifica

This sign indicates that the high beams headlight is on. High beam headlights help driver visibility by projecting a bright beam along the road. It should only be used in situations where they cannot see oncoming traffic. Typically It would use in remote areas like mountains or deserts.

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Chrysler dashboard lights and meaning