BMW i4 Owner’s Manual

The i4 electric car is a key component of BMW’s growing lineup of electric vehicles (EVs). This all-electric car rides remarkably smoothly despite having the appearance of a BMW 4-series Grand Coupe. There are three different i4 CPU types, which should be noted: The eDrive40 can travel 300 miles on a single charge, according to the EPA, while the eDrive35 can go 260 miles. One motor in the trunk powers each one separately. The all-wheel drive and powerful engines of the i4 M50 can cover only 245 miles. Regarding handling and ride quality, the latter is comparable to the praised M3. The i4’s luxurious interior is embellished with optional rose gold accents and white leather upholstery.

On this page, you can download various BMW i4 owner’s manuals in PDF format. You can view the manual by clicking the name of the year you want to view, which ranges from 2021 to 2023.


2023 BMW i4 Owner’s Manual


2022 BMW i4 Owner’s Manual


2021 BMW i4 Owner’s Manual

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