Dodge Challenger Dashboard Lights And Meaning

Dodge Challenger is a sedan and the name of three different generations of cars produced by the American automaker Dodge. The second generation, from the model years 1978 to 1983, was a flagship-designed Mitsubishi Galant Lambda, a coupe version of a budget compact car.
You may see the dashboard symbols and wonder what they are trying to tell you. After all, your Dodge Challenger must always be running smoothly, so if a light comes on, it may be a maintenance-related issue that should be looked up and enlisted the help of a certified Dodge service center.

In this Dodge Challenger Dash Light Guide, we'll take a closer look at the different lights and indicators that could come on in your Dodge Challenger. We'll review the next critical steps that need to be taken to make sure your vehicle gets the attention it needs.

dodge challenger seat belt remider warning light
dodge challenger air bag warning light
dodge challenger hand brake system warning light
dodge challenger bonnet
dodge challenger ABS system
dodge challenger electronic stability control active light
dodge challenger runflat indicator (RPA)
dodge challenger steering system
dodge challenger engine functions
dodge challenger rear fog lights
dodge challenger turn indicator
dodge challenger side lights, low beam headlights
dodge challenger front fog lights
dodge challenger high beam headlights

Dodge Challenger Seat Belt Remider Warning Light

When the car is started, and the seat belts are not fastened, this light will come on, and a chime will be attached. Be sure to secure all seat belts before driving!

Dodge Challenger Air Bag Warning Light

When you turn on your Dodge Challenger, you will see this light illuminates for a few seconds, then go out. If the airbag warning light stays on during startup or appears while driving, sounding a single buzzer and staying on, there is a problem with the vehicle's airbags. Since airbags are a critical crash protection mechanism in your Challenger, it is essential to inspect the system through a certified Dodge dealer as soon as possible.

Dodge Challenger Hand Brake System Warning Light

There is a brake system malfunction in Dodge Challenger. Continue driving at a moderate speed. The vehicle is immediately tested by the manufacturer's service partner or another qualified service partner or specialist workshop.

Dodge Challenger Bonnet

Warning! Bonnet of the Dodge Challenger is not locked, or the locking device is not secured correctly. Stop the vehicle quickly, check the lock, and close it.

Dodge Challenger ABS System

The ABS indicator light will flash when the car is started, but it should go out immediately. If the light stays on, there may be a problem with the anti-lock brake system. The anti-lock brake system will turn off if this light is on, but your brakes continue to work. It's safe to continue driving the car, but it's a good idea to keep that in mind as soon as possible if the light stays on subsequent starts. Take special care if the roads are wet or slippery when the ABS light is on.

Dodge Challenger Electronic Stability Control Active Light

The electronic stability control dashboard light will come on if your Challenger detects that road conditions are slippery, showing that the electronic stability control system has been activated. You can continue driving but do so with care.

Dodge Challenger Runflat Indicator (RPA)

When tires are filled to the recommended pressure found on the tire pressure warning inside the driver's door, the (TPMS) Tire pressure monitoring system stores this information. If one or more tires drop below this stored value, the low tire pressure warning light comes on. It would be best if you stopped as soon as possible to check or replace the affected wheel.

Dodge Challenger Steering System

When this light is on, with the engine running, turn the steering wheel left and right several times in a similar manner until the warning light disappears. Check the system of Dodge Challenger whether the warning light does not go out after moving the steering wheel or if it is at an angle.

Dodge Challenger Engine Functions

Check Engine Light speaks on the on-board computer that monitors your Challenger's engine and transmission control systems. It may appear while driving if the fuel cap on your Dodge Challenger is loose, if the fuel quality is poor, or if it indicates a problem with the vehicle's emission control system. If the light stays on, you should be able to drive your car usually, but make your next stop a Dodge certified service center.

Dodge Challenger Rear Fog Lights

Dodge Challenger rear fog lights have been switched on. If the automatic driving lights control is activated, the low-beam headlights switch on automatically when the rear fog lights are switched on.

Dodge Challenger Turn Indicator

The turn indicator is on. If the indicator lamp flashes faster than usual, a turn signal light has failed.

Dodge Challenger Side Lights, Low Beam Headlights

Sidelights or driving lights are on. You should not leave them for a long time, as the vehicle batteries may discharge, and you may not have enough power to start the engine.

Dodge Challenger Front Fog Lights

This symbol represents the front fog lights of Dodge Challenger being switched on.

Dodge Challenger High Beam Headlights

Dodge Challenger high beam headlight symbol indicates that high beam headlights are on.