Renault Clio Dashboard Lights And Meaning

The sensual lines and the impressive cabin space of the Renault CLIO seduce you. Renault Clio makes your everyday drive easier and enjoyable. The iconic mini car protects you with the automatic emergency brakes.

Renault EASY CONNECT, enables you to have a connected driving experience every time. This guide will explain you the dashboard warning symbols and lights of your Renault Clio.

This guide contains the symbol next to what that symbol is indicating to make it easy for you to understand. There is a possibility that the exact lights may vary, but you will be able to understand the variations.

Firstly, you need to understand the severity of a dashboard warning light on the basis of its color. Red-colored warning symbols suggest a warning that must be attended immediately.

Yellow and orange warning lights Indicate less severe issues and mean that a service is due. Green and blue Indicators provide information to the driver.