Renault Captur Dashboard Lights And Meaning

Renault Captur is the name of two different subcompact crossovers made by the French automaker Renault. The production version of the first, based on the B platform, debuted at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show and began marketing in France in April 2013.

These are the dashboard warning lights for the Renault Captur. Each warning light is explained along with what action to take based on Renault’s recommendations. Dashboard display design and warning light location may vary depending on your model version.The warning lights on the dashboard of your Renault Captur are usually the first sign that something is wrong. If one appears while driving, stop in a safe place as soon as possible.

The red warning lights on the Renault Captur dash need immediate attention, while others allow you to drive to a garage so a professional can review the problem.