Ford Explorer Dashboard Lights And Meaning

Ford Explorer helps you to explore most of your big adventure. Four powerful engines, a rear-wheel-drive platform, and a Terrain management system enables you to get wherever you want. The ability of the Ford Explorer to tow up to 5,600 lbs. is impressive.

Ford Explorer's dashboard is equipped with many warning lights and Indicators that help you monitor your car's control settings and condition. You will see some of the lights lighting up while starting the engine as a lamp Check; However, if any of these warning lights turn on while driving, you should handle it with utmost sincerity.

Red lights indicate severe malfunction, while yellow means that you have some time. Never panic if you see a red light flashing of which you don't know the meaning. You will find the meaning of your Ford Explorer's dashboard lights in this guide.

Ford Explorer seat belt reminder warning light
Ford Explorer air bag warning light
Ford Explorer battery charge warning light
Ford Explorer brake warning light
Ford Explorer electric parking brake
Ford Explorer door open warning light
Ford Explorer engine oil pressure light
Ford Explorer engine coolant temperature warning light
Ford Explorer hood open warning light
Ford Explorer engine check malfunction indicator warning light
Ford Explorer ABS warning light
Ford Explorer tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) warning light
Ford Explorer electronic stability control active warning light
Ford Explorer loose fuel filler cap warning light
Ford Explorer low fuel warning light
Ford Explorer low washer fluid warning light
Ford Explorer particulate filter malfunction light
Ford Explorer park headlight on indicator light
Ford Explorer front fog indicator light
Ford Explorer turn signal indicator light
Ford Explorer adaptive cruise control light
Ford Explorer high beam indicator light

Ford Explorer Seat Belt Reminder Warning Light

The seatbelt reminder light turns on with a tone sound to remind you to fasten the seatbelt. The light will go away when the seatbelts are buckled.

Ford Explorer Air Bag Warning Light

You will notice this symbol for a few seconds when you start the vehicle, and it is a lamp check. If it remains on or continues to flash, it symbolizes an error in the system. You must get the system corrected immediately as airbags are crucial.

Ford Explorer Battery Charge Warning Light

Immediately switch off all the unnecessary electrical equipment and stop the vehicle. Contact your authorized dealer immediately as this problem could damage your vehicle's engine.

Ford Explorer Brake Warning Light

Firstly, check if the parking brake is engaged or not. If it is not engaging and still the warning light is on, it means that there is a low brake fluid level or some other malfunction. Driving the car while this red warning light is on is very dangerous for you and your vehicle.

Ford Explorer Electric Parking Brake

You will see this light flashing or illuminating when the electric parking brake has a malfunction. You are advised to get it checked.

Ford Explorer Door Open Warning Light

The door ajar warning light illuminates when the ignition is on, and the door is not closed properly. Carefully pull over and close the doors.

Ford Explorer Engine Oil Pressure Light

Do not continue your journey. After stopping the vehicle, switch off the engine and check the engine oil level. This problem needs to be corrected immediately. Contact an authorized dealer immediately.

Ford Explorer Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Light

The engine coolant temperature warning light Indicates high engine coolant temperature. Switch off the engine carefully and wait for the temperature to get normal.

Ford Explorer Hood Open Warning Light

When the ignition is on and the hood is incompletely closed, this symbol illuminates. Stop the vehicle and close it properly.

Ford Explorer Engine Check Malfunction Indicator Warning Light

When you see this symbol, it is indicated that the On-Board Diagnostic system has detected a problem in the system. If the light flashes, it means that an engine misfire might be occurring. You should get the engine inspected as soon as possible.

Ford Explorer ABS Warning Light

Anti-Lock Braking system warning light illuminates when there is a malfunction in it. You can continue driving as the normal Braking system will continue to work without ABS. Go to an authorized dealer to get the system checked.

Ford Explorer Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Warning Light

When the tire pressure is low in one or multiple numbers of tires, this symbol lights up. Inflate the tire if this light appears on your dashboard while driving. You should also get the system checked by a dealer if you don't see the light in the lamp check.

Ford Explorer Electronic Stability Control Active Warning Light

Stability Control light flashes when the system is on and working correctly. However, if you see the light continuously, it means a system error. Take your Ford Explorer for service as soon as possible.

Ford Explorer Loose Fuel Filler Cap Warning Light

This symbol illuminates to indicate a loose fuel cap. Don't panic and carefully stop the vehicle and close the cap properly.

Ford Explorer Low Fuel Warning Light

The low fuel reminder illuminates when the fuel tank is nearly empty; the fuel level is low. Stop at the nearest filling station and do the needful.

Ford Explorer Low Washer Fluid Warning Light

Add the windshield washer fluid as this light Indicates a low level of windshield washer fluid.

Ford Explorer Particulate Filter Malfunction Light

This warning light comes on to inform you about the problem with your vehicle's particulate filter. It means that you need to regenerate it actively. You need to maintain a speed of 40mph for almost 10 to 15 minutes to fix the problem.

Ford Explorer Park Headlight On Indicator Light

This light simply turns on when you switch on the parking lamps or the low beam headlamps.

Ford Explorer Front Fog Indicator Light

When you switch on the front fog lamps, this light turns on. If you don't see this light on the dashboard when front fog lamps are on, get it checked as soon as possible.

Ford Explorer Turn Signal Indicator Light

This indicator lights up when you switch on the right or left direction Indicator. If you notice this light flashing faster, there is a probability of a burnt bulb. Replace it if that's the case.

Ford Explorer Adaptive Cruise Control Light

This symbol can appear in various colors. If you see a white sign, it means that the ACC system is switched on. This light turns green when you engage the ACC system. The light turns off if it is switched off.

Ford Explorer High Beam Indicator Light

When you are using the high beams, this light comes on. Take your vehicle for service if any lamp need to be replaced.