Toyota Prius Dashboard Lights And Meaning

The unique look of the Toyota Prius makes it look attractive; its iconic look suits every situation and every place. It has got an 11.6-in. display that features Apple CarPlay compatibility.

You don’t need to look away from the road to play a favorite song, Alexa will do that. Just ask Alexa to play music or weather report.

Safety system of this modern car is up to the mark, and you can relax and enjoy the drive. Lane departure assists and the Adaptive Cruise Control are some of the features that make Toyota Prius safe for driving.

Toyota Prius has got various advanced systems, and how would you know if one or more of these malfunctions? There are multiple lights on your dashboard to inform you about the condition of your vehicle’s various systems.

Take your Toyota Prius for service immediately when you see a red warning light. Red symbols are significant to be corrected quickly while the yellow ones are not as dangerous as the red ones. So you can take a little time with yellow symbols but not too much.