Toyota C-HR Dashboard Lights and Meaning

The Toyota C-HR is considered a subcompact crossover SUV marketed under the Toyota brand. This model debuted in 2016 by Toyota chief engineer name Hiroyuki Koba. The C-HR in its name means for Couple High-Rider,  Cross-hatch Run, or Compact High Rider.

It’s Bolt SUV design also offers a nicely outfitted cabin with funky exterior looks. Along with that, it delivers High fuel economy, touchscreen infotainment, and driver system features.

With such advanced features, Toyota C-HR also engineered with its dashboard that will display the lights of any alert or maintenance whenever your car needs them. Basically, three color lights are displayed on the Toyota C-HR Dashboard: Red, Green and yellow in which red detects warning alerts, yellow detect maintenance and green detects the activation of any utility system.

This guide will let you know about all the dashboard warning lights, their meanings, along with the procedure that you must implement when these lights blink on your dashboard. You can also refer to the other Toyota model on our site, which includes Toyota Corolla, Toyota Yaris, and Toyota Camry.