Toyota 4Runner Dashboard Lights and Meaning

Toyota 4runner is a compact and midsize sport utility vehicle marketed under Japanese manufacturer brand Toyota since 1984. It was a compact SUV cum pickup truck with a fiberglass shell. But later, it undergoes significant independent design between a midsize SUV and a compact. The latest SUV model comes with 4Runner trims having Toyota safety sense-P (TSS-P) and two additional rear-seat USB ports.

It also offers a higher resolution touch screen display, 4G LTE internet access by Verizon wireless standard, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, Android auto smartphone, Amazon Alexa integration, and Apple car play. The TRD Pro model also receives a JBL premium amplifier audio system in all standard models. Before that, it’s only present in limited models of Toyota.

Such advanced models come with many complexities and failures. Still, fortunately, the Toyota 4runner dashboard will alert you about any warnings or maintenance by blinking three respective lights, Red, Green, and Yellow, over it.

You can go through this guide, which will let you know about all the exact meanings of the Toyota 4Runner Dashboard lights and the procedure that you must follow when these light flickers. You can also prefer the other Toyota brand model on our site, which includes Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, Toyota Yaris, or Toyota C-HR.