Dacia Duster Dashboard Lights And Meaning

Dacia Duster is a sport utility vehicle manufactured jointly by the French manufacturer Renault and its Romanian subsidiary Dacia since 2010. It is a Dacia brand’s third model of based on the Logan platform. The Dacia Duster dash warning lights for both generations are detailed below.
Never ignore a warning light, and if you are not sure of its meaning, the page should help you figure it out. Dacia Duster warning lights brighten on the dashboard in many colors. The blue and green symbols represent a system or utility that has been activated.
Orange or yellow represents something that needs attention soon or something that has gone off when it is on by default.
Red symbolizes danger, and, in the case of warning lights, red, flashing red, and possibly together with a chime represent an urgent problem. The Dacia Duster dashboard warning lights are detailed, with each symbol signifying and what action to take.

We have created this Dacia Duster Dashboard Lights Guide and will show you how to deal with the engine lights, ABS lights, airbag warning lights and all other car warning signs displayed on your dashboard.