Dacia Sandero Stepway Dashboard Lights and Meaning

The best-selling model of the Romanian car-manufacturer Dacia was Sandero. It sold nearly 2.1 million units in just three years, and the Stepway edition accounted for 65% of its sales profit. Dacia modernized the compact SUV car with All-New Sandero and Stepway. 

The latest model offers a subtle, spacious, reliable, and vigorous vehicle without excessive elaborations at the most reasonable price. Dacia Sandero Stepway has been designed like a sport-utility car and has the efficacy of a family hatchback.

The Sandero Stepway was available with an option of three versions at its launch time. 

Here we explained the significance of each dashboard warning sign and demonstrated what the symbols should indicate. We have prepared this Dacia Sandero Stepway Dashboard Lights Manual guide, which will define how to deal with all car warning signs displayed on your dashboard.