Volkswagen Tiguan Dashboard Lights And Meaning

The Volkswagen Tiguan is a compact crossover vehicle manufactured since 2007 by the German automaker Volkswagen. It introduced in 2007, and the first generation model uses the PQ46 platform of the Volkswagen Passat B6 Generation. All of the first-generation (5N) Tiguans featured two-row seats and cross-mounted four-cylinder engines. These are the dash warning lights for the VW Tiguan.

These are the warning lights for the Volkswagen Tiguan. The Tiguan Dashboard Warning Light Guide below can be used to understand the various warning symbols that may light up due to a fault, a maintenance problem, or a vehicle system that has been turned on or off.

Serious or urgent warning lights generally illuminate red, may also flash, or be accompanied by an audible signal. To avoid possible vehicle breakdown or occupant safety risk, always take immediate action if a warning light comes on.