Mitsubishi Eclipse Dashboard Lights And Meaning

The Mitsubishi Eclipse is a compact car marketed under the Mitsubishi brand. This model offers a two-door body style, 1.5-litre, 4-cylinder engine along with 165bhp of power at 5,500rpm and an 8-speed CVT automatic gearbox.

The additional features of Mitsubishi Eclipse bring out many high technologies that include electronic parking brake system, cruise control system, ABS, electronic stability control sensors, forward Collision, and several more that enhance the technicality of this model.

The instrumental gauge of Mitsubishi Eclipse also illuminates many warning symbols in Yellow, Red, Blue, and Green signs that notify you whenever any malfunction detects in any utility system or if any maintenance requires in your SUV. So, go through this Mitsubishi Eclipse Dashboard guide to know the exact meaning of these warning lights. You can also prefer the other model of Mitsubishi on our website, which includes Mitsubishi Mirage G4, Mitsubishi Outlander.