Lexus IS Dashboard Lights And Meaning

The Lexus IS a compact executive car that was sold by Lexus since 1999. The IS was originally sold under the Toyota Altezza nameplate in Japan. The IS was introduced in the Lexus lineup as an entry-level sport model positioned below the ES.

If the warning light flashes on your dashboard, if you are familiar with your Lexus dashboard warning of light symbols, then you will know exactly what to do. If you are unaware of what these lights mean, you may want to learn so that they are ready for you when you are on the road.

We are here to help drivers learn about these warning lights and symbols through our guide. These guides can help you realize what the light warning symbols are telling you, so you can act accordingly when they appear during your journey.

Many of the Lexus IS warning signs are illuminated with ignition or engine starting. This is a standard procedure as many vehicle systems undergo a self-check. Lexus IS dashboard warning lights on this page are detailed with each symbol meaning and what action you should take.