Citroen Relay Dashboard Lights and Meaning

Citroen Relay allows buyers to drive in the perfect car of their choice with the minimum hassle.

It's long-term running costs are a critical factor for many customers. This brand has worked hard to ensure its customers pull its weight in their whole lifetime. For example, The Relay's headlight was inspired by the new versions of Citroen cars, with large chevrons and the optional LED strip embedded in the headlights. 

Similarly, the tires are specifically designed and cost-effective in the case of a puncture. Hence, this car consists of many electrical and mechanical systems that rise in complexity, so it also can fail. Fortunately, the Citroen Relay dashboard displayed many warning lights to alert the driver of what went wrong.

Such lights will illuminate in red, green, yellow, and Blue flashes or sometimes have an audible sound on your Citroen Relay instrumental cluster. Here is a guide below that will let you know the exact meanings of all the warning indications of Relay car. You can also go to our other guides of Citroen models includes Citroen C3 and Citroen Aircross SUV.

citroen relay battery charge warning light
citroen relay seat belt remider warning light
citroen relay air bag warning light
citroen relay parking brake warning light
citroen relay engine oil pressure light
citroen relay engine coolant temperature warning light
citroen relay engine check malfunction indicator warning light
citroen relay low fuel warning light
citroen relay ABS warning light
citroen relay cruise control indicator light
citroen relay turn signal indicator light
citroen relay headlight on indicator light
citroen relay front fog indicator light
citroen relay high beam indicator light

Citroen Relay Battery Charge Warning Light

This Citroen Relay Dashboard light flashes continuously to indicate a circuit fault, injection malfunction or indicate you that your vehicle battery is discharging. In this case, check your battery terminals and switch off all your car's unnecessary electric appliances.

Citroen Relay Seat Belt Remider Warning Light

This dashboard light gets on when the seat belts are not properly buckled. Sometimes if you placed a heavy object on the front seat, then it illuminates this light. So, kindly check your driver seat belt and passenger seat belts to ensure they are correctly fixed.

Citroen Relay Air Bag Warning Light

This dashboard light gets on to alert the driver that it occurs a failure in the airbag system. You should check your vehicle by the nearby Citroen service centre.

Citroen Relay Parking Brake Warning Light

This dashboard light gets on when the parking brake is engaged and is not released correctly. In this case, we suggest you to release your parking brake. If this light is still continuously flickering for a long time then it indicates that your fluid level is getting low in the system, and it is advised to top up the gauge with the fluid and immediately park your Citroen Relay and contact to Citroen service centre..

Citroen Relay Engine Oil Pressure Light

This Citroen dashboard symbol indicates that the oil pressure in your engine is getting low. If this light is continuously flashing for a while, then it indicates a major fault, and your car needs to be serviced by the Citroen service station.

Citroen Relay Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Light

This warning light indicates when the coolant temperature is abnormally increasing in your vehicle as the engine gets heating up. In this case, you should allow your vehicle to cool down and switch off the ignition.

Citroen Relay Engine Check Malfunction Indicator Warning Light

This light activates on your Citroen instrumental cluster when it detects a malfunction occurs in the car's engine. It is due to the losing of cap, dirt in the engine, and many other factors. When this light appears on your dashboard, then you should check your car from the Citroen service centre as soon as possible.

Citroen Relay Low Fuel Warning Light

This dashboard light gets on when the fuel in your fuel gauge is getting low. So it is advised to fill up the fuel tank without delay. The remaining fuel highly depends on the style of driving. Once this light is depicted on the dashboard, then fill your fuel level tank as earliest.

Citroen Relay ABS Warning Light

This dashboard light gets on when it occurs a failure in the Anti-lock braking System. In this case, you can go with conventional baking without assistance. Moreover, you are advised to stop your vehicle and contact a Citroen Relay service station.

Citroen Relay Cruise Control Indicator Light

This Citroen Relay symbol gets on when you select the desired speed in the vehicle and the cruise control system goes activated.

Citroen Relay Turn Signal Indicator Light

This dashboard indicator flashes with the buzzer that indicates a change of direction when you move your steering wheel. To turn right, press the stalk in an upward direction. To turn left, press the stalk and downward direction.

Citroen Relay Headlight On Indicator Light

The Citroen dashboard symbol gets on to indicate the manual selection of the headlamps. To make it OFF, twist the ring on the lighting stalk in the second position.

Citroen Relay Front Fog Indicator Light

This dashboard light indicates that the front fog lamps are active in your car, and the button located on the center console is pressed. The fog lamps can only be operated if dipped beam headlamps are active. You can change it from the manual selection.

Citroen Relay High Beam Indicator Light

This Dashboard light activates to indicate that the high beam lights of your Citroen relay are active. It indicates the position of the stalk is towards you. To turn it off, pull the stalk to its backward position.