Citroen Relay Dashboard Lights and Meaning

Citroen Relay allows buyers to drive in the perfect car of their choice with the minimum hassle.

It’s long-term running costs are a critical factor for many customers. This brand has worked hard to ensure its customers pull its weight in their whole lifetime. For example, The Relay’s headlight was inspired by the new versions of Citroen cars, with large chevrons and the optional LED strip embedded in the headlights. 

Similarly, the tires are specifically designed and cost-effective in the case of a puncture. Hence, this car consists of many electrical and mechanical systems that rise in complexity, so it also can fail. Fortunately, the Citroen Relay dashboard displayed many warning lights to alert the driver of what went wrong.

Such lights will illuminate in red, green, yellow, and Blue flashes or sometimes have an audible sound on your Citroen Relay instrumental cluster. Here is a guide below that will let you know the exact meanings of all the warning indications of Relay car. You can also go to our other guides of Citroen models includes Citroen C3 and Citroen Aircross SUV.