Ford Ranger Dashboard Lights And Meaning

Ford Ranger is made robust, strong, and tough, helping you move out confidently on your adventures. You can carry lots of gear, and it can tow an impressive weight of 7,500 lbs.

It has a terrain management system that provides optimum traction and performance. Enhanced traction is very much needed when you are off-road, and it provides you that. The Off-road cruise control helps you to navigate easily off the road; you can give your complete focus on the thrill of driving the Ranger.

There are many warning lights and indicators on the dashboard of the Ford Ranger that helps you to monitor the powerful machine's performance. So you need to learn the meaning of these dashboard lights once and for all so that you don't panic the next time a red light flashes.

Red lights mostly inform you about severe malfunctions in the vehicle that need immediate action. You can be a bit relaxed in case of yellow light but do not delay it a lot, or it will harm your vehicle. Green and white lights Indicate headlights and directions indicators etc. Read this guide to learn the meaning of dashboard symbols of your Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger air bag warning light
Ford Ranger brake warning light
Ford Ranger electric parking brake
Ford Ranger engine oil pressure light
Ford Ranger battery charge warning light
Ford Ranger engine coolant temperature warning light
Ford Ranger hood open warning light
Ford Ranger seat belt reminder warning light
Ford Ranger door open warning light
Ford Ranger ABS warning light
Ford Ranger tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) warning light
Ford Ranger electronic stability control active warning light
Ford Ranger engine check malfunction indicator warning light
Ford Ranger loose fuel filler cap warning light
Ford Ranger low fuel warning light
Ford Ranger low washer fluid warning light
Ford Ranger particulate filter malfunction light
Ford Ranger turn signal indicator light
Ford Ranger adaptive cruise control light
Ford Ranger front fog indicator light
Ford Ranger park headlight on indicator light
Ford Ranger high beam indicator light

Ford Ranger Air Bag Warning Light

Airbags have previously resulted in saving a lot of lives in case of fatal accidents, and they are a vital part of the vehicle safety system. This light turns on when there is a problem with the airbag system. You must take your Ford Ranger for service and get it corrected.

Ford Ranger Brake Warning Light

If you see this symbol when the parking brake is not engaged, it means that there is a malfunction in your Ford Ranger's brake system. There is a possibility of low brake fluid. Driving with this light on can result in a fatal accident. Get it repaired immediately.

Ford Ranger Electric Parking Brake

An error in the Electric Parking Brake System illuminates this light. The red symbol means you should take your car for service immediately.

Ford Ranger Engine Oil Pressure Light

Low engine oil pressure lights up this warning symbol. Switch off the car and check the engine oil. Please do not continue driving and get the problem corrected quickly. Driving without taking care of the problem can damage the engine.

Ford Ranger Battery Charge Warning Light

You must stop the car if you see this symbol. Turn off all the unnecessary equipment and the engine and seek qualified assistance immediately. This symbol means that there is a problem with the electrical system of the vehicle. There is also a possibility of a malfunction with the battery. Driving while this red warning light is on could drain the battery.

Ford Ranger Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Light

Carefully pull over and do not continue driving until the light goes off. When the temperature of the engine coolant is higher than usual, this light turns on. If the problem persists, try adding coolant or take your vehicle to an authorized dealer.

Ford Ranger Hood Open Warning Light

An incompletely closed hood causes this light to appear. Safely pull over and close the hood properly.

Ford Ranger Seat Belt Reminder Warning Light

The fasten seatbelt reminder turns on to remind you to fasten the seatbelt. The light will not go off until you have buckled up. The seatbelt is for safety measures and is very important while driving.

Ford Ranger Door Open Warning Light

An improperly closed door causes this light to turn on. Check which door is not closed properly and correct it after stopping the vehicle.

Ford Ranger ABS Warning Light

This light illuminates when a problem in the Anti-Lock brake system has been detected. You can continue to drive carefully because the brakes will work without ABS, but you need to get the ABS checked from an authorized dealer as soon as possible.

Ford Ranger Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Warning Light

When low tire pressure is detected in any of the tires, this light turns on. There is a possibility of one or more underinflated tires. Check the air pressure as it can affect the performance of the vehicle.

Ford Ranger Electronic Stability Control Active Warning Light

Do not worry if you see this light flashing, as it means that Stability Control is active and working correctly. However, if the light is on continuously, it indicates a system error. You are advised to take your vehicle for service as soon as possible.

Ford Ranger Engine Check Malfunction Indicator Warning Light

When a malfunction or bad condition of the engine is detected, this light turns on. There is a possibility of engine misfire, and you should get service as soon as possible to avoid a severe misfire or damage to your Ford Ranger.

Ford Ranger Loose Fuel Filler Cap Warning Light

When the fuel tank has a leak, this light turns on. A leak does not necessarily mean a hole, you should stop the vehicle and close the fuel cap properly, and the light will go away. If it doesn't, seek qualified assistance.

Ford Ranger Low Fuel Warning Light

Refill the fuel tank! Stop at the nearest filling station and fill up the tank to avoid any inconveniences in the future.

Ford Ranger Low Washer Fluid Warning Light

Ford Explorer is made to provide you comfort even on off-road trips; you should always keep the washer fluid filled to clean the windshield whenever it is needed.

Ford Ranger Particulate Filter Malfunction Light

Drive the vehicle at a speed of 40mph for almost 15 minutes. Doing this will regenerate the particulate filter. This light turns on to indicate a problem with the particulate filter. If you cannot maintain this speed, take your Ranger for service.

Ford Ranger Turn Signal Indicator Light

You will see this light on the dashboard when you are using a direction indicator. Take your vehicle for service if you notice this light flashing at a greater or slower pace than usual.

Ford Ranger Adaptive Cruise Control Light

If you see this light in white, it means that Active Cruise Control is turned on. When it is green, it means that you are engaging the ACC system.

Ford Ranger Front Fog Indicator Light

This green light illuminates when the front fog lamps are on. They should stay on in harsh weather conditions. If you see the light flickering or not turning on, get qualified assistance as soon as possible.

Ford Ranger Park Headlight On Indicator Light

When you switch on the low beam headlights or the parking lamps, you will see this indicator light on your dashboard.

Ford Ranger High Beam Indicator Light

This light simply illuminates when you are using the high beams.