Ford Ranger Dashboard Lights And Meaning

Ford Ranger is made robust, strong, and tough, helping you move out confidently on your adventures. You can carry lots of gear, and it can tow an impressive weight of 7,500 lbs.

It has a terrain management system that provides optimum traction and performance. Enhanced traction is very much needed when you are off-road, and it provides you that. The Off-road cruise control helps you to navigate easily off the road; you can give your complete focus on the thrill of driving the Ranger.

There are many warning lights and indicators on the dashboard of the Ford Ranger that helps you to monitor the powerful machine’s performance. So you need to learn the meaning of these dashboard lights once and for all so that you don’t panic the next time a red light flashes.

Red lights mostly inform you about severe malfunctions in the vehicle that need immediate action. You can be a bit relaxed in case of yellow light but do not delay it a lot, or it will harm your vehicle. Green and white lights Indicate headlights and directions indicators etc. Read this guide to learn the meaning of dashboard symbols of your Ford Ranger