Renault Triber Dashboard Lights And Meaning

Renault Triber is equipped with the new age technology, and features that ensure enhanced convenience and comfort with your everyday drive. The exterior of Renault Triber add the vehicle's impressive looks and provide protection in every kind of road.

It comes with EasyFix Seats that makes this car a six-seater or seven-seater instantly. The latest technology gives birth to more advanced features to control your vehicle. And these features can be monitored with the help of the warning lights and Indicators on your Triber's dashboard.

This guide will tell you about the meaning of the symbols that you will find on your vehicle's dashboard. Never ignore a red warning light as they represent dangerous errors in your vehicle that can prove to be harmful.

Yellow and orange symbols mean that a service is due and you have some time to get it repaired. The blue and green Indicators usually represent the exterior lights and not severe failures.

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Renault Triber Air Bag Warning Light

At the point when at least one airbag of your Renault Triber has malfunctioned, this light turns on. Airbags are significant for your security, and the step to get it repaired should be taken right away.

Renault Triber Brake Warning Light

Regardless of what is the situation, you must not drive when this light shows up on your Renault Triber dashboard. A malfunction in the braking system has been detected, and it could bring about an unfortunate accident if not dealt with immediately.

Renault Triber Battery Charge Warning Light

If the battery charge warning light enlightens while driving, it means an over-burden in the electrical system. Stop the vehicle safely and look for help from a certified technician.

Renault Triber Electric Parking Brake

Check the parking or emergency brake and check whether it is released appropriately or not. If you don't see an issue there, at that point, it implies that your electrical parking system is having some problems. Take your Triber for service quickly.

Renault Triber Seat Belt Reminder Warning Light

You will see this warning symbol on your dashboard when the seatbelt is not fastened. Buckle up and the light will go off.

Renault Triber Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Light

This implies that the temperature of the motor coolant isn't ordinary. In the event that the light is blinking stop at the earliest possibility and look for qualified assistance. In the event that the light is consistent, you can try cooling off the engine by killing the motor for some time.

Renault Triber Engine Oil Pressure Light

Oil pressure warning symbol will turn on for a few seconds in the start. But, in the event that you see this light whilst driving, stop at once. You can try putting the vehicle on neutral. In case that the difficulty continues, arrive at the Renault service center.

Renault Triber ABS Warning Light

ABS helps to control the wheels on a troublesome surface. At the point when this light shows up on your Renault Triber dashboard, it demonstrates a malfunction in the ABS. Take your vehicle for repair carefully.

Renault Triber Electric Power Steering Fault Warning Light

A malfunction in the electrical power steering triggers this light. You may encounter the vehicle inclining or turning one way. Cautiously drive to the Renault service center.

Renault Triber Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Warning Light

At least one of your vehicle tires are under-inflated. Add pressure to them, and the light will go off.

Renault Triber Electronic Stability Control Active Warning Light

The Electronic Stability Control warning symbol will pop up on the dashboard of your Renault Triber when the engine is started. The light will go off following a couple of seconds. In the event that it doesn't, it implies that the ESC has been turned off. You will encounter trouble in controlling the vehicle. Seek the assistance of technician at the earliest.

Renault Triber Toxic Fumes Warning Light

The toxic fumes cautioning image shows up on the dashboard of your Renault Triber when harmful fumes are being produced from the engine. In the event that you see the light blinking, decrease the speed and wait for the light to go off. In the event that you see the light on constantly, look for qualified help right away.

Renault Triber Particulate Filter Malfunction Light

An error in the particulate filter set off this light. To make it go off, you need to drive at a speed of 24 mph or 40 km/h for at least 20 minutes. Head to the service center if this method doesn't work.

Renault Triber Door Open Warning Light

You can sort out from the image, at least one of your Triber's doors are not shut totally. Close them after stopping the vehicle.

Renault Triber Engine Check Malfunction Indicator Warning Light

Breakdown in the engine triggers this symbol to show up on your Triber's dashboard. It implies that your vehicle requires repairing as quickly as time permits. You should take this seriously, or you might have to pay a lot of money for repair in future.

Renault Triber Adaptive Cruise Control Light

This green light shows up on your Triber dashboard when the cruise control is set and working properly.

Renault Triber Front Fog Indicator Light

When your Triber's front fog Indicators are active, this light turns on.

Renault Triber Service Stop Start System Warning Light

Inactivity for a particular time such as during traffic signals or traffic jams turns off the engine automatically. Release the brake pedal, and your Triber's engine will turn on.

Renault Triber High Beam Indicator Light

This blue light just comes on to educate the driver regarding the high beams. It means that the high beam dashboard lights are on.