Audi Q3 Dashboard Lights and Meanings

Audi developed Audi Q3, and the Q3 is a subcompact premium SUV. A transverse front-engine powers the Q3, which went into production in 2011. The A5 (PQ35) platform of the Volkswagen Golf Mk5 and the Volkswagen Tiguan compact SUV is used in this vehicle. As a subcompact crossover SUV, the Audi Q3 sits above the Audi Q2. For comparison, Q3 is designed to be a lifestyle/sports vehicle more than the small luxury crossover SUV Q5 or the mid-size luxury crossover SUV Q7.

The Q3 shares components, transmissions, and engines with the Volkswagen Golf, Audi A3, and Skoda Yeti, among other vehicles based on the PQ35 platform. At Auto Shanghai 2011, the vehicle was unveiled.

This tutorial will help you understand Audi Q3 car warning lights and symbols such as engine management, ABS, and airbag signals. We've put together this Audi Q3 dashboard lights meaning a guide to show you how to cope with engine lights, airbag warning lights, ABS lights, and other dashboard warning indicators. It's possible that you'll need to purchase an online scanner that will display Audi fault codes and permanently turn off the warning light!

audi q3 battery charge warning light
audi q3 handbrake brake system warning light
audi q3 airbag system warning light
audi q3 seat belt reminder warning light
audi q3 coolant temperature warning light
audi q3 engine oil pressure light
audi q3 electronic stability control active warning light
audi q3 steering system warning light
audi q3 abs warning light
audi q3 runflat indicator rpa warning light
audi q3 engine functions warning light
audi q3 suspension control warning light
audi q3 plug fault status warning light
audi q3 service electric parking
audi q3 lane departure warning lights
audi q3 cruise control warning light

Audi Q3 Battery Charge Warning Light

The fact that your Audi Q3's battery symbol lamp is flashing implies a problem with the alternator. You'll either need to get a new alternator or have your old one repaired.

Audi Q3 Handbrake Brake System Warning Light

If the Audi Q3 detects a braking system fault, the brake symbol lamp will activate. First, check your brake fluid levels and then fill them up if necessary. You may also notice that warning light is illuminated in conjunction with the ABS light, indicating that the fault is related to the ABS component of the brake system and is most likely caused by a faulty ABS sensor. 

Audi Q3 Airbag System Warning Light

If your Q3's airbag system is malfunctioning and requires attention, this airbag symbol lamp will illuminate on the dashboard. You can diagnose the problem with your airbag system and tell you what needs to be done. When the problem is resolved, the diagnostic system will turn off the dash warning light. 

Audi Q3 Seat Belt Reminder Warning Light

One or more passengers have not secured their seatbelts, as indicated by the seatbelt sign lamp. Before you start, put your seatbelt on.

Audi Q3 Coolant Temperature Warning Light

If there is a problem with the cooling system, the coolant symbol lamp will activate. You should check your coolant level right away and not continue driving. If necessary, fill up your coolant while also checking for leaks. The engine will be damaged if the proper coolant is not circulated, and it may be beyond repair.

Audi Q3 Engine Oil Pressure Light

If your Audi Q3's oil can symbol lamp illuminates, it implies the engine is running low on oil. As soon as you have a chance, check your oil levels and look under the car for any oil leaks. If your Audi does not require any additional oil, have it inspected by an Audi workshop; otherwise, use our right oil for Audi Q3 instructions to ensure you are using the correct oil.

Audi Q3 Electronic Stability Control Active Warning Light

as you drive over surfaces such as snow & ice, the traction control sign will flash rapidly. When the system flashes, it merely means that it is working to ensure maximum traction on the current road. As long as this traction light is on all the time, there's something wrong with this system. Take it to an Audi facility or use a manual kit to diagnose and fix the problem, turning off the dash light in both cases.

Audi Q3 Steering System Warning Light

When the power steering system fails, the power steering symbol lamp illuminates on your Audi Q3. A reset may be possible if the system is electronic. Turn off the engine and restart it as soon as you can. In this case, you will need to take the car to your dealer or an approved repair facility to have the warning light removed from the vehicle.

Audi Q3 Abs Warning Light

If there is a problem with this system, the Audi Q3 ABS indicator lamp will activate on the dashboard. It usually indicates that an ABS sensor has failed and must be replaced. To ensure that the problem is a sensor and to determine which sensor is at fault, use the manual guide which will tell you everything you need to know. Once the problem has been resolved, then the ABS light is turned off.

Audi Q3 Runflat Indicator Rpa Warning Light

When one or more tyres are not properly inflated, the TPMS light will come on. The light will go out if you check and refill your tyre pressure.

Audi Q3 Engine Functions Warning Light

On the Audi Q3, the engine symbol lamp indicates a problem with the emission systems. You can identify the problem, and this guide will assist you in obtaining an understanding of the issue, allowing you to more easily resolve the issue. When the issue is resolved, you will be able to turn off the dash warning light.

Audi Q3 Suspension Control Warning Light

When your Audi Q3's adaptive air suspension is functioning, the warning symbol bulb will glow.

Audi Q3 Plug Fault Status Warning Light

Audi Q3 pre-heating or glow plugs lamp will light up along with all other lamps when you turn on the ignition, and it will stay on for a few extra seconds while it heats up the engine until all other lamps have gone out. Engine starting is safe when the light goes out. This warning indicator only appears on diesel engines, and it prevents damage caused by igniting a cold engine.

Audi Q3 Service Electric Parking

When the handbrake is engaged, the parking symbol lamp illuminates, and then turns off when the handbrake is released.

Audi Q3 Lane Departure Warning Lights

When the system is active, the lane assist system symbol lamp will illuminate green; if the light illuminates yellow, the system is inactive.

Audi Q3 Cruise Control Warning Light

This signal lamp indicates that there is a car in front of you and you need to get out of the way.