Audi S7 Dashboard Lights and Meaning

Audi markets the Audi S7 as being an executive car since 2010. This Audi S7 is the latest version of the Audi A7, along with 4 liters V8 engine, six horsepower, four-wheel-drive system, eight-speed automatic transmission, and 7-speed Tronic gearbox. The extra spacious cabin makes it’s interior more comfortable to reside in with comfy passenger accommodations.

The S7 model features everything you will assume from a luxurious sedan like quilted leather seats, heating for the front seats, natural wood trim, shift paddles, adaptive cruise control system, lane-keeping assist system several more. This model’s additional features are Apple Carplay, Android Auto interfaces, Bluetooth audio, 16-speaker bang, Sirius XM radio, and wireless charging pad.

This model also brings out a 12.3-inch digital dashboard that composes in front of the driver’s seat to detect many warning indicators in Red, Green, and Blue colors whenever a crucial situation arises in your car. It can be any Malfunction, maintenance, or security requirement of your sedan.

So this dashboard light guide will help you understand the basic knowledge regarding these warning indications and their respective methods that you will follow whenever they indicate Audi S7 instrumental cluster. You can also refer to the further model of Audi on our website, which includes Audi A6, Audi A5, Audi A4, Audi A3, Audi A6 Allroad.