Tesla Model Y Owner’s Manual

2021 Long driving range and outstanding reliability are features of the Tesla model Y. Due to some interior build quality issues, it dropped to the bottom half of rankings for luxury electric and hybrid SUVs. It is a great SUV, though. In every circumstance, it enhances rapidly and drives skillfully on winding roads. It has a stable but not uncomfortable ride. The Model Y has a great range for an EV and great efficiency ratings. High-quality, cosy, and roomy materials are used in the cabin. Model Y contains a tonne of technology.

However, despite having many advantageous qualities, there are some areas where the Y model falls short of industry standards. Modern semi-autonomous automotive driving systems are a hallmark of Tesla, and Model Y includes one as standard equipment. The self-parking function and the summon feature are optional later-developed features.

On this page, you’ll find a variety of Tesla Model Y owner’s manuals that are in PDF format. You can view the manual by clicking the name of the year you want to view, which ranges from 2020 through 2022.


2022 Tesla Model Y Owner’s Manual


2021 Tesla Model Y Owner’s Manual


2020 Tesla Model Y Owner’s Manual

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