Tesla Model X Owner’s Manual

The large battery capacity of the Tesla Model X car from 2021 is impressive. On-demand all-wheel drive and performance acceleration are provided by the Model X’s electric motors. The handling is also pleasantly surprising for a vehicle of this size. Families should appreciate model X’s optional third row of seats due to their convenience. The Model X has cutting-edge infotainment and driver assistance features like other Tesla vehicles. The cabin is elegant and cosy, if not lavish.

The Model X, categorized as a luxury mid-size crossover SUV, was first released in 2015. Due to its extremely low center of gravity, the vehicle’s chassis, also used for the Model S, features improved safety ratings for an SUV.

On this page, you’ll find a variety of Tesla Model X owner’s manuals in PDF format. You can view the manual by clicking the name of the year you want to view, which ranges from 2020 through 2022.


2022 Tesla Model X Owner’s Manual


2021 Tesla Model X Owner’s Manual


2020 Tesla Model X Owner’s Manual

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