Kia Niro Dashboard Lights and Meaning

A sporty hybrid subcompact Kia Niro was produced by Kia Motors in 2016 with butterfly doors that open into the roof panel. A plugin model has introduced an electric edition in the UK in 2017 and 2018 in the US. The front wheels are strengthened by the 1.6 liters Gamma inline-4 generating 160 hp coupled with a seven-speed rotary-shifted dual-clutch transmission. A 45 hp electric hybrid system powers the rear wheels when running the car in rougher road conditions.

Dashboard warning sign-manual is the method that your Kia Niro car relates to you. These signs tell you what the vehicle wants. Please make sure that all dashboard warning signs of Kia Niro are Off after turning on the engine. If any indicator is still On, this reveals a circumstance that requires awareness.

Here we represent the handy dashboard warning sign manual for you to get answers. Understand the meaning of these instrument cluster lights and take cautious steps during troublesome situations.

kia niro airbag system warning light
kia niro seat belt reminder warning light
kia niro brake warning light
kia niro coolant temperature warning light
kia niro service lane warning light
kia niro reduced power warning light
kia niro engine functions warning light
kia niro traction control warning light
kia niro low washer fluid warning light
kia niro security alert warning light
kia niro anti lock braking system(ABS) warning light
kia niro electronic stability control off warning light
kia niro power steering system warning light
kia niro tire pressure warning light (TPMS)
kia niro cruise control warning light
kia niro front fog indicator light
kia niro turn signal indicator warning light
kia niro dipped head lights warning light
kia niro high beam indicator light warning light

Kia Niro Airbag System Warning Light

Usually, you will notice this warning light on the instrument cluster once the car is turned on, and otherwise, if it flickers, then there is a drawback in the airbag system. Bring your Kia Niro for service to assure your safety.

Kia Niro Seat Belt Reminder Warning Light

The seat belt warning indicator will turn on to remind you that you don't fasten your seat belt properly. If the driver doesn't wear the seat belt after the ignition is activated, the seat belt warning sign lights up until the seat belt is buckled.

Kia Niro Brake Warning Light

If the device cluster lights show Low brake fluid indicator or brake fail issues, then refill the fluid or take your Kia Niro to the Authorized service provider for support.

Kia Niro Coolant Temperature Warning Light

When your Kia Niro engine overheats while driving, that means the system is above normal temperature and impacts permanent damage. If the system has coolant leaks, that depicts a deficiency arises in it.

Kia Niro Service Lane Warning Light

Lane Departure device cluster warning helps the driver with signs inspect your Kia Niro departing a lane without any indication being applied. Steering is used to keep the vehicle within the road.

Kia Niro Reduced Power Warning Light

If your Kia Niro engine is not adding as much power as it should, it means that a system malfunction is detected and take your car to a service provider for assistance as soon as possible.

Kia Niro Engine Functions Warning Light

This warning sign causes an electrical issue, like a low battery. Contact the Kia Niro service department to schedule an appointment.

Kia Niro Traction Control Warning Light

If the traction control flash frequently fluctuates on your dashboard, it warns that your Kia Niro electronic traction or stability control system is not functioning correctly.

Kia Niro Low Washer Fluid Warning Light

This instrument panel sign goes on when your car's windshield washer fluid is very low, then adds the fluid to solve the issue.

Kia Niro Security Alert Warning Light

If your ignition switch is off or a door is left open, this warning indicator of the dash will imply the security malfunction or warn you that the door is open.

Kia Niro Anti Lock Braking System(ABS) Warning Light

When the ABS dashboard warning symbol goes on, the ABS doesn't work appropriately or doesn't function. But your Kia Niro car will remain the brake usually, but we advise that you take an appointment from your authorized Kia Niro service provider instantly for scrutiny.

Kia Niro Electronic Stability Control Off Warning Light

The Electronic Stability Control system helps the driver in controlling the engine in unfavorable conditions. The system uses sensors to detect several issues such as loss of traction and can apply the brakes to deduct engine power. The ESC dashboard warning light goes on for the following reasons: Flickering indicates the ESC system is functioning and attempting to fix your Kia Niro car. Stays on continually means there is a failure in the technique.

Kia Niro Power Steering System Warning Light

Kia Niro Electronic Power Steering is a procedure that obtains detectors and devices to nurture the steering wheel's operation. This system periodically overheats due to irrational methods from full lock to lock. If the fault is momentary, the dashboard warning sign will light up when the engine has cooled down. With an EPS malfunction, the steering will be extra challenging to regulate, but you can proceed with your driving.

Kia Niro Tire Pressure Warning Light (TPMS)

The Kia Niro tire pressure dashboard warning light remains on, which implies that one or more tires have a pressure loss. If the tire pressure dash warning sign twinkles for nearly 1 minute and then goes on, it signifies that the (TPMS) tire pressure monitoring system has complications.

Kia Niro Cruise Control Warning Light

This light indicates that you're using cruise control.

Kia Niro Front Fog Indicator Light

This dashboard warning light informs you that your Kia Niro front lights are on.

Kia Niro Turn Signal Indicator Warning Light

The turn indicator dash warning sign represents the left or right direction indication is turned on.

Kia Niro Dipped Head Lights Warning Light

Kia Niro's dipped headlight reminder suggests that the fallen flash is triggered and helps to see the road at night. Drag the lever towards yourself for a momentary high beam, "Flash to pass" procedure.

Kia Niro High Beam Indicator Light Warning Light

Kia Niro's high beam headlight reminder implies that high beam headlights are turned on. Push the control lever away from you to light up the headlights to a higher beam. Drag lever next time to switch the headlights on the lower beam.