GMC Yukon Dashboard Lights And Meaning

GMC is an elegant large SUV with powerful V8 engines and a comfortable cushioned ride. GMC Yukon has a decent gas mileage, and there is plenty of space in all three rows. Very few competitors have as much cargo room as GMC Yukon. It also has a user-friendly infotainment system.

GMC Yukon has got a bold design that makes a powerful impression. It is engineered to provide a smooth ride even when it is trailering. Advanced technology and innovative tools make the drive more convenient.

GMC Yukon has got many dashboard symbols that help you to understand your Yukon. It is smart to take these warning lights seriously, especially when a red warning light appears. Red lights mostly represent danger, and that is also the case here. Green symbols do not represent anything hazardous, while yellow warning symbols should be dealt with as soon as possible.

You will find the meaning of your GMC Yukon dashboard lights in this guide.

GMC Yukon seat belt reminder warning light
GMC Yukon air bag warning light
GMC Yukon hood open warning light
GMC Yukon brake warning light
GMC Yukon electric parking brake
GMC Yukon battery charge warning light
GMC Yukon engine oil pressure light
GMC Yukon engine coolant temperature warning light
GMC Yukon door open warning light
GMC Yukon engine check malfunction indicator warning light
GMC Yukon ABS warning light
GMC Yukon electronic stability control active warning light
GMC Yukon tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) warning light
GMC Yukon loose fuel filler cap warning light
GMC Yukon low washer fluid warning light
GMC Yukon low fuel warning light
GMC Yukon turn signal indicator light
GMC Yukon park headlight on indicator light
GMC Yukon adaptive cruise control light
GMC Yukon front fog indicator light
GMC Yukon high beam indicator light

GMC Yukon Seat Belt Reminder Warning Light

The seatbelt reminder symbol is merely there for reminding you to fasten your seatbelt. The light won't go off until you fasten it.

GMC Yukon Air Bag Warning Light

This is a warning about the problem with one or many airbags in the car. You should take your GMC Yukon to an authorized dealer or service center immediately.

GMC Yukon Hood Open Warning Light

When the hood is not latched properly, this light turns on. Stop the vehicle and close it entirely because you don't want it to fly away while you are driving. If you don't notice anything wrong with the hood, take the vehicle for service to check what triggered the light.

GMC Yukon Brake Warning Light

This symbol indicates a severe problem with the brake system. You will also see this light when the hand or emergency brake is applied. If the handbrake is released and the light is still on, bring the vehicle to a stop and take your car to an authorized dealer.

GMC Yukon Electric Parking Brake

This symbol appears on your dashboard when you apply the parking brake. If this light is illuminating when the parking brake is not engaged, it means that the parking brake system needs service immediately.

GMC Yukon Battery Charge Warning Light

This symbol indicates a problem with the charging or electrical system of the car. You should stop the vehicle as quickly as possible. Otherwise, it might stop on its own. You will need roadside assistance.

GMC Yukon Engine Oil Pressure Light

If you see a wavy line under this lamp, it means that the engine oil level is low. If the wavy line is absent, it means that the oil pressure is low, and you should take your vehicle for service immediately.

GMC Yukon Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Light

This red symbol simply indicates that the coolant temperature is too high. The car should be stopped immediately if you see this warning light. You can also turn on the heater to the highest, and it will help remove heat.

GMC Yukon Door Open Warning Light

The door ajar warning light Indicates that the door is open or closed incompletely. This light will also turn on if there is something stuck that's stopping the door from closing. Stop the vehicle and check the situation.

GMC Yukon Engine Check Malfunction Indicator Warning Light

This light appears on your dashboard when you need to check the engine because some problem has been detected. You are advised not to neglect this light as it can damage the engine if not corrected on time.

GMC Yukon ABS Warning Light

ABS means the Anti-lock Braking System. ABS helps you to control your car during extreme or slippery breaking conditions. It limits the wheels from locking up. If the ABS warning light illuminates while driving, it means the system has a malfunction. The brakes will work normally, but ABS will not work. Drive at your own risk; we advise you to get service as soon as possible.

GMC Yukon Electronic Stability Control Active Warning Light

Electronic Stability Control keeps the vehicle in control in slippery conditions. If the light flashes continuously, it means that the system is working fine. If it is on continuously, it means your vehicle's Stability Control System has a problem. You will see "off" written on the symbol when the system is switched off.

GMC Yukon Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Warning Light

This light illuminates when the 25% inflation in one or more tires is reduced. This light becomes common in the fall when the temperature drops, and it results in lowering the pressure in the tires.

GMC Yukon Loose Fuel Filler Cap Warning Light

This warning light turns on when the fuel cap is loose. Carefully bring the vehicle to a stop and correct it.

GMC Yukon Low Washer Fluid Warning Light

This light turns on to remind you to fill the washer fluid reservoir as soon as possible. You will also find the same image on the cover of the reservoir.

GMC Yukon Low Fuel Warning Light

The low fuel reminder will appear when the level of fuel in the fuel tank is low. Take a stop at the nearest filling station.

GMC Yukon Turn Signal Indicator Light

These are Direction Indicators. This light turns on when you are using a direction indicator. If this light is flashing at a faster pace than usual, get it checked.

GMC Yukon Park Headlight On Indicator Light

This light turns on when the low beam headlights or the parking lights are switched on.

GMC Yukon Adaptive Cruise Control Light

This symbol appears on your GMC Yukon dashboard when the cruise control is engaged.

GMC Yukon Front Fog Indicator Light

This light comes on only when the fog lamps are activated. You might also see a light that is the reverse of this symbol. It indicates the rear fog lights.

GMC Yukon High Beam Indicator Light

The high beam light Indicator will appear on your dashboard when high beams are active.