Volkswagen Tiguan Dashboard Lights And Meaning

Volkswagen Tiguan Dashboard Lights and Meanings

The Volkswagen Tiguan is a compact crossover vehicle manufactured since 2007 by the German automaker Volkswagen. It introduced in 2007, and the first generation model uses the PQ46 platform of the Volkswagen Passat B6 Generation. All of the first-generation (5N) Tiguans featured two-row seats and cross-mounted four-cylinder engines. These are the dash warning lights for the VW Tiguan.

These are the warning lights for the Volkswagen Tiguan. The Tiguan Dashboard Warning Light Guide below can be used to understand the various warning symbols that may light up due to a fault, a maintenance problem, or a vehicle system that has been turned on or off.

Serious or urgent warning lights generally illuminate red, may also flash, or be accompanied by an audible signal. To avoid possible vehicle breakdown or occupant safety risk, always take immediate action if a warning light comes on.

Audi A3 Seat belt reminder
Audi A3 Airbag system
Audi A3 Hand break, Break system
Audi A3 ABS or Anti lock break system
Audi A3 ABS or Anti lock break system
Audi A3 Steering system
Audi A3 Engine functions
Audi A3 Engine functions
Audi A3 Engine functions
Audi A3 Engine functions
Alfa Romeo A3 Particulate filter
Audi A3 Turn indicator
Audi A3 Side lights, low-beam head lights
Audi A3 Front fog lights
Audi A3 Cruise control
Audi A3 Dipped head lights
Audi A3 High-Beam headlights

The Volkswagen Tiguan dash warning lights help you to understand failure in your vehicle. They can prevent a car from a breakdown or total failure, which can save you from an expensive repair bill. If these lights are working correctly, no warning light is illuminating; it means you stay safer on the road.

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Volkswagen dashboard lights and meaning
Audi A3 Seat belt reminder

Volkswagen Tiguan Seat Belt Reminder

The red seat belt warning light on Volkswagen Tiguan illuminates along with an audible alarm notifying the driver, and front passenger must fasten their seat belts.

Audi A3 Airbag system

Volkswagen Tiguan Airbag System

The remaining airbag warning light on indicates a failure of the airbag system and seat belt tensioner system. Flashing of the airbag warning light indicates that at least one airbag or strap tensioner was switched off by a diagnostic device. In this case, the airbag warning light stays on for about 4 seconds and then blinks for about 12 seconds. Go to a VW workshop to correct the fault or reactivate the airbag system.

Audi A3 Hand break, Break system

Volkswagen Tiguan Hand Break or Break System

The Volkswagen Tiguan red exclamation system represents the parking brake being applied. If the brake warning light comes on while driving, it indicates a fault in the brake system or a low level of brake fluid. If the brake fluid level is correct, it is recommended that you do not continue driving and seek help from a VW workshop.

ABS or Anti lock break system

Volkswagen Tiguan Anti-Lock Break System, ABS

The Volkswagen Tiguan anti-lock braking system is a brake support feature that prevents wheel lockup during heavy braking. It means that the driver can continue driving. The ABS warning that remains lit indicates a system failure. The failure is usually due to the wheel sensors. You can continue driving but without the ABS support braking characteristics.

Audi A3 Dynamic stability control or DSC

Volkswagen Tiguan Dynamic stability control or DSC

The Electronic Stability Control system is a stability aid that helps improve traction and vehicle stability by using ABS and, when necessary, reducing engine performance. The ESC light will blink when the system actively stabilizes the vehicle. If the light stays on permanently, it indicates a fault in the ESC system. ESC shares components with the ABS system and, therefore, could be a related error.

Audi A3 Steering system

Volkswagen Tiguan Steering System

The yellow electromechanical steering warning light indicates a partial malfunction in which you can continue to drive the vehicle unless the warning light continues to flash with the ignition on or the steering column remains locked with the ignition put on.

Audi A3 Engine functions

Volkswagen Tiguan Engine Functions

This exhaust system fault warning light, also known as the engine check light, illuminates due to engine failure. The VW Passat check engine warning light glows steadily, indicating that the engine is not running smoothly. There may be an increase in fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. Drive at a steady pace, avoid high engine loads. If the failure occurred immediately after refueling, shut off the engine to prevent damage. Contact a VW workshop for help. A flashing engine warning light is an indication of a misfire. Failures in the exhaust management system can cause damage to the catalytic converter. Drive carefully and check your vehicle to your nearest VW workshop.

Audi A3 Read fog lights

Volkswagen Tiguan Rear Fog Lights

This symbol represents the rear fog lights of  Volkswagen Tiguan being switched on.

Volkswagen Tiguan Particulate Filter

For the diesel versions of the Volkswagen Tiguan, the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) collects harmful soot that would otherwise be discharged into the surroundings. Sometimes this requires cleaning, a process that is done automatically. If you primarily use your car for short trips, the filter may need driver assistance to clean more frequently.

Gearbox or Clutch

Volkswagen Tiguan Gearbox or Clutch

The yellow cog symbol indicates that the gearbox is overheating and that the DSG dual-clutch gearbox is too hot. You must get off the road, stop and put the gear selector in the 'P' position to allow the gearbox to cool down. Do not drive until the warning light goes out.

Audi A3 Particualte filter

Volkswagen Tiguan Dipped head lights

Volkswagen Tiguan's dipped headlight symbol indicates that dipped light is on. It is basically used at nights. Pull the lever towards you for a temporary high beam, "Flash to pass" scenario.

Audi A3 Particualte filter

Volkswagen Tiguan Turn Indicator

The turn indicator symbols represent the indicator is switched on of  Volkswagen Tiguan.

Audi A3 Particualte filter

Volkswagen TiguanSide Lights, Low-Beam Head Lights

This Volkswagen Tiguan dashboard warning light informs the driver that the exterior lights/sidelights/parking lights/headlights are switched on.

Audi A3 Front Fog Lights

Volkswagen Tiguan Front Fog Lights

This symbol represents the front fog lights of  Volkswagen Tiguan being switched on.

Audi A3 Start or Stop

Volkswagen Tiguan Start or Stop

The green engine start-stop indication light illuminates when conditions are correct for automatic engine standby mode to start. If the circumstances are not suitable for the automatic start-stop, the amber light on the VW Passat Engine Start Stop will not light up. Many reasons inhibit engine shutdown.

Audi A3 High-Beam Headlights

Volkswagen Tiguan High-Beam Headlights

Volkswagen Tiguan's high beam headlight symbol indicates that high beam headlights are on. Keep the multifunction control lever away from you to switch the headlights to a higher beam. 

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