Ford EcoSport Owner’s Manual

This EcoSport subcompact crossover SUV was initially intended for developing markets like Brazil, but due to its popularity, it has now been released in the US and UK. The vehicle’s chassis is identical to that of the current Fiesta.

All-wheel drive and 2,000-pound towing capacities will be standard on subcompact SUVs like the Ford EcoSport 2022. Those are the apex of its prowess. Due to business decisions made abroad, the little ute had trouble competing in a market crowded with better-performing, more opulent, and more fuel-efficient vehicles even before Ford gave it the death penalty. The cost and gas consumption of a small car are lower.

This generation’s final model year is 2022. There are a few significant differences between it and the previous generation. As a result, three-cylinder turbo engines no longer have a front-wheel drive option. The starting price of the EcoSport has increased by $1595 because the all-wheel drive and a non-turbo four-cylinder engine are now standard on every model. four-cylinder engine with all-wheel drive, 166 horsepower, and an automated six-speed transmission.

You can download various Ford EcoSport owner’s manuals on this page in PDF format. The years available are 2022; to view the manual, click the name below.


2020 Ford EcoSport Owner’s Manual

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