Mini SE Electric Dashboard Lights And Meaning

For the 2023 model year, the all-electric Mini Cooper will be available in a limited-edition package. This trim level, known as the Resolute Edition, adds a bold look with Rebel Green paint and white highlights, including the roof and mirror caps. The hood has bronze stripes, while the grille surround and other exterior trim elements are likewise accented with bronze. The Electric has a 5.5-inch digital cluster of gauges that show information on the battery’s charge, the vehicle’s range, navigational data, and the vehicle’s audio system.

Each Mini Electric comes standard with two-zone climate control, a heated steering wheel, heated front seats, and a heat pump that warms the cabin 75% more efficiently than a conventional electric heater. The installation of ambient indoor lighting in a spectrum of six hues gives the cabin a new level of cool. The back seat is cramped, and there’s not a lot of space for cargo, just like in the gas-powered Mini Cooper.

 In addition, the Mini SE Electric dashboard illuminates numerous warning signs in various colors like Red, Green, Red, Blue, and Yellow on your SE Electric Dashboard to escort you to any point where any utility program part of your vehicle discerns any internal complication within. So, Experience this Mini SE Electric dashboard guide, showing the actual meanings of those notification icons. In addition, you can also operate through the following notification lights manual or other Mini models like Mini SE Electric…