Nissan LEAF Dashboard Lights and Meaning

A compact five-door hatchback battery-electric family, zero-emission car Nissan Leaf, designed for mass population by manufacturer Nissan was launched in Japan and the US in December 2010. The Leaf's full charge has gradually improved from 73 miles to 151 miles. Nissan Leaf gives an exclusively unique driving experience, with its smooth and responsive speed, safe handling with its advanced powertrain. Drive adequately to achieve ECO drive; you can use the eco mode indicator to make your drive fun.

The Nissan Leaf was recorded as the world's top-selling plug-in electric car from December 2019. If one of your dashboard warning signs stays on in your Nissan Leaf can be confusing; you aren't sure what the warning light indicates. We are here to instruct you with a list of Nissan Leaf's most familiar instrument warning symbols and what they suggest. So before you frighten, take a glance at the list below to understand what your car's dashboard light recommends!

nissan lEAF battery charge warning light
nissan lEAF brake warning light
nissan lEAF engine oil pressure light
nissan lEAF rear automatic braking system warning light
nissan lEAF seat belt reminder warning light
nissan lEAF sRS airbag warning light
nissan lEAF airbag system warning light
nissan lEAF vehicle security warning light
nissan lEAF aBS warning light
nissan lEAF low tire pressure system(TPMS) warning light
nissan lEAF electronic braking system warning light
nissan lEAF power steering system warning light
nissan lEAF malfunction warning light
nissan lEAF front fog indicator light
nissan lEAF park headlight on indicator light
nissan lEAF high beam indicator light warning light
nissan lEAF master warning light

Nissan LEAF Battery Charge Warning Light

If this dashboard warning lamp turns on while the engine is activated, it indicates a fault in the charging system. Sometimes if your Nissan won't turn on, it implies you have a terrible battery.

Nissan LEAF Brake Warning Light

The most familiar dashboard warning light brightens; it warns Nissan Leaf has low brake fluid in the master cylinder or the parking brake is occupied.

Nissan LEAF Engine Oil Pressure Light

If the low oil pressure light illuminates that oil can have insufficient oil pressure or the oil level is extremely low. Lack of petroleum can impact Nissan's engine to cause damage. Consult your authorized Nissan's provider for support.

Nissan LEAF Rear Automatic Braking System Warning Light

Nissan Leaf Rear Automatic Braking instructs the driver to detect static objects when backing up and applies the brakes to prevent a crash. Rear Automatic Braking dashboard warning signs cannot avoid all collisions and may not advise in all circumstances. The driver should always twirl to check the rearview before driving. Read the Owner's Manual for safety knowledge.

Nissan LEAF Seat Belt Reminder Warning Light

The Seat Belt Dashboard Reminder is a type of sensor, which observes passengers in the front and rear seats. A seat belt reminder in your Nissan Leaf ignites an indication light and a hearable chime, reminding unbuckled seaters to fasten their safety belts.

Nissan LEAF SRS Airbag Warning Light

If the SRS Airbag dash warning light turns on, it implies trouble in Nissan Leaf's system. If it doesn't stay on or the sign flashes, it warns a system malfunction with the airbag and may not function appropriately during a crash.

Nissan LEAF Airbag System Warning Light

If the Nissan Leaf front passenger seat is OFF, it will not inflate in a collision. The driver airbag and other airbags in your Nissan's vehicle are not part of this process. The objective is to reduce the danger of injury or death from an airbag to individual front seat passengers like children by applying the airbag to be automatically switched OFF.

Nissan LEAF Vehicle Security Warning Light

The Security dashboard warning sign brightens to reveal that the security system operates correctly or fails in the system.

Nissan LEAF ABS Warning Light

The anti-lock braking system (ABS) supports your Nissan Leaf car's tires to retain a connection with the road while braking. If the indicator light turns on during driving, it infers the ABS is not functioning correctly.

Nissan LEAF Low Tire Pressure System(TPMS) Warning Light

The TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) objective is to warn you during low tire pressure and develop hazardous driving situations. If the dash warning light is brightened, it signifies your tires could be inflated, and maybe tire failure happens.

Nissan LEAF Electronic Braking System Warning Light

Nissa Leaf's Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) system can understand slow traffic forward and abruptly apply the brakes if the driver fails to acknowledge. This feature can utilize the brakes automatically if a driver is about to smash and doesn't take any action in time. Nissan Leaf's Automatic Emergency Braking With Pedestrian Detection warning sign goes on; when brakes are automatically applied to avoid a crash or decrease force with pedestrians while the vehicle is running forward.

Nissan LEAF Power Steering System Warning Light

A primary purpose for the dashboard warning sign to brighten is less power steering fluid. You should pull over your Nissan's leaf car if you notice this sign remains on and instantly inspect the fluid level.

Nissan LEAF Malfunction Warning Light

A telltale is used to examine an engine and warn about a malfunction in your Nissan leaf's computerized engine management system. If any fault is found, go to Nissan's service provider for assistance.

Nissan LEAF Front Fog Indicator Light

Usually, the instrument cluster warning sign for the front fog lights is green. Nissan Leaf Fog lights are organized to improve vision and make driving in unfavorable weather situations safer. If you don't turn on your headlights, you could put your and other lives in danger.

Nissan LEAF Park Headlight On Indicator Light

Nissan leaf Sidelights and headlights are repeatedly used while parking. It's a recommendation to switch on your car sidelights at dark when you're parking on an occupied path. This warning sign will assist other drivers in seeing your vehicle effortlessly.

Nissan LEAF High Beam Indicator Light Warning Light

Nissan leaf High Beam Light Indicator implies your car's high beam headlights are on, or if it is blinking or flashing, indicating an issue with the high beam lever or may not be correctly engaged to your car.

Nissan LEAF Master Warning Light

If this warning light is on, there will be text displayed on the instrument panel. It could represent some reminders, such as low oil pressure. It is usually linked with simple indications/reminders like door open or time to alter the oil.