Nissan LEAF Dashboard Lights and Meaning

A compact five-door hatchback battery-electric family, zero-emission car Nissan Leaf, designed for mass population by manufacturer Nissan was launched in Japan and the US in December 2010. The Leaf’s full charge has gradually improved from 73 miles to 151 miles. Nissan Leaf gives an exclusively unique driving experience, with its smooth and responsive speed, safe handling with its advanced powertrain. Drive adequately to achieve ECO drive; you can use the eco mode indicator to make your drive fun.

The Nissan Leaf was recorded as the world’s top-selling plug-in electric car from December 2019. If one of your dashboard warning signs stays on in your Nissan Leaf can be confusing; you aren’t sure what the warning light indicates. We are here to instruct you with a list of Nissan Leaf’s most familiar instrument warning symbols and what they suggest. So before you frighten, take a glance at the list below to understand what your car’s dashboard light recommends!