BMW X3 Dashboard Lights and Meaning

The BMW X3 is a compact and luxurious crossover SUV, marketed by German automobile company BMW since 2003. It is highly compatible with fully loaded features and an utterly desirable family package SUV.

X3 is the third-generation BMW model, giving you a more luxurious experience and large space, and advanced technological features.

This exterior design is so eyed captivating, and aggressive that it comes out with a strong road presence. It looks so luxurious inside the outside. It’s 3 liter Diesel capability makes it ride so effortless, and the sporty suspension goes well. It also comprises a twin-turbo engine with a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder Max Power confined by an 8-speed automatic transmission system.

This model’s dashboard designs with soft-touch leather and stone finishing also flash various warning indications in the complex system of your BMW X3.

Red, Green, Yellow, and blue warning lights illuminate whenever a complication, maintenance and activation and deactivation of a utility system detects in your car. This guide will let you know the exact meanings of these dashboard lights, along with the procedure that you must follow when they flicker on your dashboard. You can also go through our website for better information about the other BMW’s dashboard warning lights, which includes BMW M1 135i, BMW X5