Skoda Dashboard Lights and Meaning

SKODA AUTO is commonly called Skoda, is a Czech automaker founded in 1895 as Laurin & Klement and based in Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic. In 1925, Laurin & Klement was acquired by the Skoda Works industrial conglomerate, which became state-owned in 1948.

Here we look at the dashboard warning lights for Czech car and SUV manufacturers Skoda. The model of your Skoda dash lights will have a description of the warning light and, in many cases, the suggested action to take according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Many warning lights illuminate on your Skoda dash when the ignition is turned on. It is normal and is part of a self-check process. Red warning lights are the most important, and if a red light comes on while driving and you are not quite sure what it means, it is recommended to stop safely for more information.

Sedans and SUVs

Skoda Citigo iV dashboard lights and meaning

Citigo iV

Skoda Fabia dashboard lights and meaning


Skoda Octavia dashboard lights and meaning


Skoda Superb dashboard lights and meaning


Skoda Enyaq iV dashboard lights and meaning

Enyaq iV

We have made this Skoda Dashboard Lights meaning guide and will explain you how to deal with engine lights, ABS lights, airbag warning lights, and all other car warning signs shown on your dashboard.

Other Signs

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