Mercedes-Benz Dashboard Lights and Meaning

Mercedes-Benz is a German automobile brand and a subsidy of Daimler AG. It is recognized for its luxury cars, vans, trucks, buses, and ambulances. The companies headquarter is situated in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg. In 1926, the name first appeared under Daimler-Benz.

Warning symbols can be found on the dashboard of Mercedes-Benz car or van. Warning lights are different according to the model of car, or trailer and action should be taken according to the manual given by the company.

Several warning lights illuminate when the ignition is switched on and go out shortly after as part of a normal self-check process. When a warning light comes on when driving and if it's red, it's advised to safely pull off the road to find out what's causing the fault. Red lights may indicate a system failure or potential risk to vehicle occupants.

Sedan and SUVs

Mercedes-Benz B-Class Dashboard Lights and Meaning


Mercedes-Benz C-Class Dashboard Lights and Meaning


Mercedes-Benz CLA Dashboard Lights and Meaning


Mercedes-Benz CLS Dashboard Lights and Meaning


Mercedes-Benz EQC Dashboard Lights and Meaning


Mercedes-Benz EQS Dashboard Lights and Meaning


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Mercedes-Benz S-Class Dashboard Lights and Meaning


Commercial Vehicle

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Dashboard Lights and Meaning


We have a guide created for Mercedes-Benz to understand the Dashboard Light's meaning and will demonstrate to you how to deal with engine lights, ABS lights, airbag warning lights, and all other car warning signs displayed on your dashboard.

Other Signs

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