Mercedes Benz GLC Dashboard Lights And Meaning

Mercedes-Benz GLC is a premium SUV. Internal combustion (ICE) and a diesel engine (DE) provide the propulsion. Exterior color options for the Mercedes-Benz GLC include Obsidian Black, Iridium Silver, Citrine Brown, Diamond White Bright, and Hyacinth Red Metallic for every model. The Mercedes-Benz GLC’s safety features include ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) with EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution) and BA (Brake Assist), six airbags, ESP, and Reverse Parking Assist with the camera.

The Mercedes-Benz GLC is 4658 millimeters long, 1,890 millimeters wide, 1644 millimeters tall, and rides on a 2,873 millimeters-long wheelbase. Adaptive lighting for LED headlamps and tail lights is included as standard equipment, and the system is capable of detecting traffic conditions and adjusting its output accordingly.

The dashboard and seat upholstery of the Mercedes-Benz GLC is available in beige color options. The Mercedes-Benz GLC’s infotainment system is available with steering-mounted audio, phone, and cruise controls. In addition to the available luxury packages, the interiors include high-quality leather upholstery throughout. The SUV also comes with a universal hook, stowage crate, shopping crate, baggage fastening mechanism, and Concertina load sill guard as optional extras.

Moreover, there are also multiple warning flags in different hues like red, green, blue and yellow on your GLC Dashboard to direct you if any utility software in your car detects an internal problem. Because of this, check out this dashboard tutorial for the Mercedes GLC, which will explain exactly what those notification indicators signify. Additional options include operating the following lights manually or using other Mercedes models, such as the GLC….