BMW Dashboard Lights And Meaning

Bavarian Motor Works is commonly known as BMW. It is a German multinational company that produces automobiles and motorcycles. In 1616, the company was founded as a manufacturer of aircraft engines. 

The primary means for your BMW to communicate with you is through BMW dashboard warning lights or BMW dashboard symbols. It is essential to understand the meaning of these enlightened symbols. Please note that BMW dashboard caution lights may differ slightly in design between different models.

As the BMW dashboard illuminates the symbols, take note of the different colors that convey the priority level of the alert. The meaning and priority of the BMW dashboard indicator colors are listed below:

Red Light communicates a warning that requires immediate attention. Orange and Yellow light signifies a warning that is not critical but needs attention as soon as possible. Blue and Green light shows the BMW features or technology that is currently working. It is merely information and does not require immediate action, although you should keep an eye on them.

Sedans and Sports

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BMW M1 135i

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BMW 5 Series

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SUVs and Wagons

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BMW I4 dashboard lights and Meaning


See the BMW Dashboard Indicator Guide for the meaning of all BMW indicator lights so that you can understand the updates and needs of your BMW.

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