Porsche Taycan Tire Pressure


The tire pressure recommended for the 2020 Porsche Taycan is 39 psi to 41 psi on front tires and 38 psi to 44 psi on rear tires.

TireSizeTire Pressure (PSI)Tire Pressure (KPA)
Front Tire225/55 R19 XL 103Y39 psi270 kPA
Rear Tire275/45 R19 XL 108Y38 psi260 kPA
Front Tire245/45 R20 XL 103Y39 psi270 kPA
Rear Tire285/40 R20 XL 108Y38-39 psi260-270 kPA
Front Tire265/35 R21 XL 101Y41 psi280 kPA
Rear Tire305/30 R21 XL 104Y44 psi300 kPA