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Other Signs

Direction Signs on Roads and Highways

Direction signs on the road and highway are helping us to inform the direction or position of the way ahead. They are used to alert drivers to the speed limit of a particular roadway. They also help bring attention to sharp turns, steep hills, detours, and construction work. On roads, there are other signs, such as warning signs, regulatory signs, marker symbols, etc. These are some of the many ways that highway signs reduce chaos on roads and highways.

Highway signs help to decrease the rate of car accidents, help ensure the safety of pedestrians, and help drivers understand how to communicate in a non-verbal manner with other drivers to keep us safe.

Information Signs on Road

Traffic signs offer information regarding the road conditions in advance, give instructions to be accompanied at the major crossroads, warn or guide drivers, and make sure the proper functioning of road traffic.

Lexus Dashboard Lights and Meaning

Lexus is the luxury vehicle, part of Japanese automobile Toyota. It is rated among the ten largest Japanese global brands by market value. Japanese automakers Lexus makes a range of premium cars and SUVs. Here we create a guide of various models of Lexus and their dashboard warning lights. Check your Lexus model in the list below to find out what those dash lights mean when the warning sign comes to light and what action is required.