Dacia Dashboard Lights and Meaning

Dacia is a Romanian car manufacturer company that takes its name from the historical region constituting present-day Romania. It was founded in 1966 and is a subsidiary of French carmaker Renault since 1999.
If you own a Dacia SUV or car and have a dash warning light that you are not sure of its meaning, this is where we can help you. Select your Dacia model and get all of the dash warning lights and symbols explained, and advice on what to do.
It is not always clear what a warning light means, so if you have an illuminated warning symbol on your Dacia dashboard, and mainly if it is red, it is often better to stop safely to investigate. Red warning lights require immediate attention and, if ignored, may cause safety problems or damage to the vehicle.


Dacia Duster Dashboard Lights and Meaning


Dacia Sandero Dashboard Lights and Meaning


Dacia Sandero Stepway Dashboard Lights and Meaning

Sandero Stepway

We have created this Dacia Dashboard Lights Guide and will show you how to deal with the warning signs displayed on your dashboard and what action you should take at that time. 

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BMW Dashboard Lights and Meaning

BMW Dashboard Lights and Meaning

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Seat Dashboard Lights and Meaning

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